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Abundance light Codes & sharing 4 tips for Alignment

Abundance light Codes & sharing 4 tips

I am going to give you few tips from the information that I am sending contained in the Master's Class that will start the first week of February on Encoded Frequency.

1.- The Power of Intention: how does energy know what we want to manifest?

You have to have clear wishes that send signals to the Universe about what we want to manifest by 2022.

2.- Manifest from your Quantum Being: in the Third Dimension we will create and manifest during a limitated period. In the Fifth Dimension we manifest the desires that have already entered in our Portal of Abundance and in synchronicity with our Highest Good. Yes, I have learned that intentions are commands for the Universe and when those intentions are more SPECIFIC, the easier it is to manifest and create our intentions on a Quantum Level.

3.- Align yourself with what you are ready to receive: each intention creates the energetic container where the energy manifests itself in the physical.

The intention is not created from the idea is created from the feeling.

The idea is linked with 3d and the feeling with 5d,... the feeling is the vibration that attracts and repels the intentions that you want to manifest.

4.- Discover the desires of your heart. Know your emotions because they are directly manifesting in an unconscious way.


You already have a vibrational reality that is manifesting the best that can be attracted to your vortex of manifestation... so let yourself FLOW and only consciously attract what you are ready to receive and anchor yourself in what you believe is best for you.

I am going to attach a Meditation and a Code that will help you to manifest the desires of your old and sacred Soul for the greatest and highest good for you and the world.

With abundant LOVE

Manifestation Alignment Light Language

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