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Aldebaran Starseeds Drawing

My Drawing of the Light - Aldebaran Elders - Arian

this Soul chart and Drawing is from a Starseed who is connected deeply with the Archangels Ariel and Gabriel as a Mesanger of the light. Influence of Andares, Aldebaran, Lemuria, Atlantis, Orian, Germanic races, Mars, Pleiades, and Sirius

Greeting and Blessings

I am Arian I am from the ascended star of Aldebaran from where I came from we are 6th Dimensional beings we work with Soul Co tract and the spirit realms. I come from the Lineage of Archangel Ariel and I am the highest aspect in your overSoul.

We all guides will Speak as one because we are all as one here and we use our energy wisely to transmit the highest loving light in your way. Creating is your birthright as a spiritual being in human form. Creating Light is essential to align with the fulfillment you seek in this life, for creating is the path of growth. It is very important in your journey to meet all others in the grace of your heart as you expand the heart in white light Inhale the light into your heart and into your being In the next several weeks we will come to support you, as you step into your angelic role and step fully into the light of the heart. You are heading in the right direction and everything is leading you to great expansion. When you want more light in your life... expand your wings at will, know that your light is pure and you will gradually feel it inside you and all around you. we are very pleased and honor and in grace to offer this transmission, in one love we Blessed you. The Guides

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