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Alien Race Andromeda ~ Galactic Art

Alien Race ~ Pleiades Lyra Galactic Art

This Soul Chart has a strong Galactic Center Resonance, and is part of the Galactic Administration.

The Essence comes from Orion - Pleiades. Another important Aspect is from Venus (Healing, Divine Feminine), Lyran - Avian (Protector of the Solar Light), Chiron (Healer), Sirius (Diplomat), Mintaka, Rigel and Bellatrix.

You learned to be a skillful Communicator ~ to articulate the Communication of God through Sacred Geometry and Codes of Light.

The Orion Aspect is the one from the drawing. She has been a Guide for ancient civilizations as a Gatekeeper. She deeply understands her connection to Gaia, and is a gifted Seer.

The Pleiadian Aspect is a High Priest that embraces the connection with the Heart Chakra and Joyful Living.

In Pleiades and Orion, you had many timelines diving into the polarity between the chaos of Orion and the blissful living of the Pleiades.

You did this in order to evolve your Soul more quickly.

She is very magical and works with spells. She can communicate with Elementals. Light was blinking from her hands and Heart, creating vortexes for the Elemental and Crystalline Frequencies to travel.

In the main timelines on Earth, she works with the Kundalini Energy and Dragons.

She has been a Queen of the Dragons, and is a Sage and a Shape-Shifter.

To claim the expansive Truth of your Divine Peaceful Nature, replenish your energy with Love, Light and Peace from the Infinite, to begin to co-create incredible blessings in your life now.

It is time to raise the consciousness collectively, to reflect Inner Peace and Serenity in this crucial phase.

This is used to move from an Identity based in the Mind of the old paradigm of the Density of Separation to an Identity based in the Heart.

An awareness of New Earth comes with the energies of the Inner Peace that awakens, having strong foundations to access and create Inner Peace ~ not only for ourselves, but for our world.

As you connect to your Crown, tingling Light shifts your magnetics to release all attachments to the past, blockages and limitations, energetic entanglements, and deep-seated entrapment of grief, guilt, and shame that has built up, causing us to limit the scope of what we believe to be possible.

Feel the Codes vibrating in your head as it gently opens into awareness, initially emptying all of the stored, repressed, emotional density of past hurts, along with the words and feelings that we never share with those who hurt us the most, and who do not let you see and understand the Divine Plan through Inner Peace.

These Codes of Light are Divinely designed and inspired to support you in making the most of this powerfully activating period.

Light Blessings,

the Guides

You owe it to yourselves a peaceful life full of harmony and Balance of the best of our wellbeing and life to assist, support and serve others that is a light worker life. To spirit wants you to must remember your light, however, that you cannot give what you do not have.

The light must we given to yourself first and then to all others!

2 minutes to Regenerate the way your light flows today through the Andromedan Language of the light

Short Andromeda light language | Encoded Frequency

I am attaching a link of guided meditations where you can understand more how to activate light codes

All my love and gratitude,Grethel

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