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Alien Race - Galactica race high Priestess Vega

Alien Race - Galactica race high Priestess Vega The higher self shows us the founder of the third wave of the soul that separates from the source and symbolizes knowledge, righteousness, income, fame and prosperity. This aspect of the soul is connected to Vega as a spiritual leader who focuses inward. This galactic guide represents the foundation of religion and spirituality that developed through personal commitment. Other aspects of this soul are those of lyra, pleiades, antares, orion, and andromeda.lyrans in this case they appear as ancestors and the first parents of birth in vega. Birth was shown to me as an instantaneous creation of the parents dividing their DNA and merging it in a third shot where a sphere of light is formed that evolves into a semi-physical being of light - semi-being of light. In Vega, I was shown the most beautiful temples created from revolving rings of light where the founders of the galactic roots were channeled as crystalline and angelic beings to offer guidance.

It can be said that these beings are a bridge between the source and the souls in incarnations and at the same time they observe the bigger picture and provide feedback to source and source recreate itself and develop new worlds and universes with different laws and realities. The multiverse is shown as a donut-shaped thori'dal sphere rotating in all directions where the first dimension is the zero point. The neutral vibration where there is no division, neutrality and creation as father and mother become one creating the trinity between light, darkness and balance.

The masculine, the feminine and the androgenous and thus the polarity multiplies in triads where two polarities explore in the opposites finding a middle point where they return to the divine neutrality in the creator of everything in the consciousness of the divine union. The fragmentation of the source to understand each other at a deeper level and understand each part of the divine and omniscient god that is, each fragment of divine soul is a seed of God where different qualities of God are the creator of everything that is in a rainbow spectrum between light and dark. Among the specimens of this most predominant soul are Lyra as a blue panther where you learned to observe as a warrior of galactic light where she is patrolled in the fifth dimension. There is a life in the future on the new earth as a galactic hybrid human called Essassani where contact between humans and civilizations that are explored in other universes begins. In these explorations, the humans in the 4 high dimensions learn to be guides of other less advanced civilizations. A very important planet for your soul was pleiades where you explored electra, Alcyone, maya where you explored 3 different topics: quantum healing as a doctors of light in alcyone, integrating somba in eLectra with a family where your family were artisans and worked with elements of nature something like clay stopped as if it were a mass of shiny pearls and changing color from which utensils were created. In Maya's life you have bronze skin and elf ears with cat eyes and it seems that in that life she learned to balance karma. In life, in orion, in time of galactic war they were shifting like jelly and the presence feels elemental where you learned the power of faith. When you come to earth you come to offer a service to others and to take an inventory of what you have learned and to become aware of your legacy as a divine soul before returning to the source. Your guides want you to know that Everything in life is a process. Circumstances arise one at a time until the cycle is complete.

Take on the capacity to change the direction of your reality and feel more positive shift present a new light. When you are encountered with a problem in life, the question you can first respond is, what is my strategy to find a new Balance? What are the steps I can take to begin working through and out of this situation to find ease and grace.

From earth, you are very connected with nordic god, greek god, atlantis and the archangel raguel Archangel Raguel – “Friend of God” Archangel Raguel its role is to bring peace and harmony.

The fairy lady light has a privileged vision of life and is able to predict where fortune, health, employment and spirituality will move; she harmonizes perfectly. Spirit today wants to remind you In true spirituality You honor life, being willing to grow through what you don't know, but you are open to discover.Being true with what you feel and outgrow what we know no longer is.

In true spirituality you allow yourself to give in to the process, being present realizing a new new you may be unfolding.

with higher love, your guides

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