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Alien Race Venus ~ Galactic Art

This Soul is defined by the Feminine Side of God. It has a tendency to vibrate in Feminine Energy, even when it is androgenic or a very sensitive Masculine who is open to expressing Love, and being on the Mission of his Soul.

It could be said that she is a High Priestess, who has explored all of the cultures and races where the Female Goddess has been an Expression of Love, in the maximum expression of the word, by combining her Power and Wisdom with the Chemistry of High Love.

Some of the places where she has been exploring being a High Priestess Healer of Love have been with Quan Yin, Isis, Maya, Mermaid, Atlantis, Lemuria, Venus, Pleiades, Sirius, Orion, and Lyra.

Kind Greetings from Venus,

This Code is a Carrier of Light and an energetic Midwife of the Wave of Venus Consciousness, in which Sophia Christ’s Healing is being brought back to the planet at this time.

Venus represents the Exploration of Love as the Promised Land that is found after a long, infinite Journey, thirsty to penetrate Unconditional Love.

Love is the True Essence of Being in this Universe. There is nothing more that brings you closer to the True God ~ whether you are a Physical Being of Light, a Being that vibrates in the Sacred Light, or in the absence of it. From our point of view, Eternal Love is always the Purpose of Exploration in separation from the Divine Source.

Love is the Best Guide.

This is a Plane of Light where the Energy is Feminine, and we are a Collection of the 6th Dimension, where we give Spiritual Guidance and teach the Art of Loving in an Internal Exploration that ignites the Sacred Flame of the Divine Soul.

Love is simple…All That Is, is sought, and always, in one way or another, is found.

These High Priestesses of Venus have an Angelic and delightful way of Healing ~ by holding a Flawless Space for exquisite Chants and Sounds that are Healing in Code, helping us to indulge in Self-Love and Revelation.

Love and Light are mixed in its Essence.

This Code of Venus will help with the Rebirth of Women who are ready to become a Natural Authority on the Wisdom of her body, to access its maximum Creative and Magnetic Potential.

The Creator of All That Is is born from Love, and from Love Everything That Has Been, is and always will be created.

Love is the most powerful Force Field you can alchemize.

Her Wisdom is drawn from the ancient religions and practices of Mother Dios’ Womb, which is the Creation of All That Is, spanning thousands of years, including the Orion, Pleiades, Atlantis, Lemurian, Gnostic, Egyptian, Mayan, and Tantric traditions on your planet.

There is a softness and strength that focuses you, and brings you closer to the Divine and Eternal Love that has always lived within you.

Love is part of the process of being a Human, on the way home to meet the Creator of All That Is ~ that really is Love.

Today’s invitation is ~ that you will have Love, and to give yourself your Natural State that is Blissful Love, that vibrates like a magnet from every cell of your body, which is Wired For Love.

The Human body is created to transmit the Energy of the Energetic Love Blueprint.

Allow yourself to be Filled With Love, in every moment of your experience.

With Love, Venusians

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2 comentários

Despite not hearing everything this was an I credibly beautiful and powerful activation, thank you so much for this gift. You truly are a source of power and inspiration


Hello, I am a huge fan of your content and am so grateful for this beautiful divine work that you do. The only thing is that the sound on this video is not very clear and I cannot hear many of the words you are saying ! Thank you so much, hope this finds you well

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