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Andromeda Galactic Art

Galactic art - Alien Race - Andromedan Starseed Escence ( Perseus, Pegasus, Mirach, Almach, Cetus, Cassiopeia, with strong connections with Sirius I Orion I Earth I Avalon ( Osiris, RA, Horus, Dragons, Crystal Sprital elemental Earth angel and New earth galactic connections. During this story we will discover where this guide comes from? It is a good question because he has a very galactic and interesting mixture that he will describe to us in this encoded message with the language of light. this is a guide who is aligned with the galactic federation of light as a diplomat who observes and assesses when the races are ready to have contact with the galactic nations exploring unification in the universe. The greatest service that starseeds do to themselves and their community is to raise their stellar crystaline frequency in a harmonious way where they are contacted from their center by their star family where wisdom is shared by the highest and highest good. this emissary looks liquid and fluid, her being is bright and her head is low because she makes a greeting where she bows where she lowers her light to an almost minimum percentage less than her 8% of her capacity where a human in high vibration can channel messages and healing through its illuminated center, raising its vibration so that contact is generated in an organized way and creating a sacred space. This Andromedan shows us how her mission is like the Holy Spirit because it is a fluid creation, adaptation of the blessed change to the new, leading the reborn or transcendental at a multidimensional level where in its form of light, very divinely feminine, it heals our physical human being. its multi-colored translucent light is fluidly bright and loving and shows us that between those who flow and those who are structured there is a middle point where holiness is found where you find your center that is strongly structured and in your multidimensional divinity flowing from your center. Deflecting love will be held a trust in your stardust, flowing as star in motion in the evolution making corrections un our traverse from yuor core align with yuor universe expanding universaly. unifying each fragment of your being patiently in your own processes in each vortex threaded to larger and higher points of view throguh the open heart, brusting the link to your soul faminly form the heavens and the galaxy to stream guidance. It is time that you center your center flowing like the sun shining from your authentic being, leaving the illusion of limitation and accessing the information of the creator source to expand your divine wisdom. your galactic family through your daily meditation transmits to you ideas aimed at developing new way to aling with higher trajectory, building a new community initiating the initiation where you can divinely stand a your own truth harmoniously. From your galactic and peaceful heart understanding booundaries and listennig to your wise intuition getting your own guidance and support. Get clarity in your starry heart by being open to the contact of your spiritual guides to anchor the ascended light in your reality transforming your world in the maximum alignment of your greatest being. Open yourself to be persistent in your starlight and give yourself time to create a sacred space where your soul shimmers and expands receiving new light and anchoring the light with roots of light giving you strength and fluid structure. Allow the communication with your heavenly god and galactic ethereal being to merge with your human to achieve coherence as a bridge of light in the transition to your ascension. Magnetize your galactic sky in the pillar of light, fluid and strong, establishing a safe way to be sovereign of your peace. Watch for sowing stars that will create the firmament stars in the galaxy of your soul guiding you back to the essence of the house in your galactic heart. Be patient with your processes and transform your reality knowing that where you are are all the tools and paths that take you on a journey to explore the solar system of your traveling soul. Be in adventures in the present, without time and space centering your present as the nascent and crescent galaxy in the infinity of the multidimensional multiverse in your eternal and divine being. May this drawing guide you with unconditional love remembering the authenticity and greatness of your being sowing seeds of light that will shine like stars in the galactic firmament of the creator in you and so be it, with love, Andromeda --------------------------------------------

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