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Andromeda galaxy - galactic Art

The March 8 Soul Chart comes with Andromeda Essence, Cassiopeia, Pegasus, Avalon, Mermaid Magic, Sirius, Cefus (dolphins and whales), Nordic Titans and Giants, Gaia, Dragons of the Underworld, and connection with Atlantis, Neptune, and Zeus, as well.

I see connections to Orion/Rigel, and New Earth ~ 5D/Ascended Earth/Tara/Diamond Lightbody. If you look at the Image, she is a Representative of the Divine Feminine, connected with the Divine Mother.

The Cassiopeian Aspect looks very Galactic, and has beautiful purple skin that glows in all kinds of patterns of Light. They help Creation, and this is the Twin Flame Aspect of the one I drew. It expresses the Masculine Expression of Andromeda. He is a Soul Mate who comes as a Spirit Guide. In fact, they both are.

She is an Expression of the Divine Feminine that explores and expresses Love through Creation, Nourishment and Art. She is very enjoyable and positive, working with the Heart Chakra. In their plane, they are a Collective, basically more connected with the Elemental Frequencies of Crystal and Photonic Light. They are Frequency Keepers ~ in this case, the Frequency of Love.

He comes in a different plane, even though they are connected in their Soul. In his reality, everything is Liquid Plasmic Light ~ beyond language, more Liquid Frequency channeled through the Language of the Light, in Sonic Codes of Love. You can call him Caspian, and call her Cassinda. They are both from Cassiopeia, and they both had lives on Earth linked with you.

They both work on stabilizing the Galaxy through Frequencies of Love. In their tribe, they are Guardians of the Portal ~ more like Civil Guards, that work with the Purple and Blue Ray in Celestial Frequencies.

It amazed me the way he embraced his Essence through his Sacred Heart ~ in perfect balance of his Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

The invitation from Caspian is that YOU HONOR YOURSELF IN KNOWING YOUR OWN DIVINITY, by protecting what is already built into you through your own connection to All That There Is. This allows you to Stand In Your Own Power. In truth, Love is your Only Essence.

Honor yourself by being a Guardian of Your Love, treasuring your Inner Knowing, becoming a Warrior of Your Love. A True Warrior knows how to Love, and how to look deeper and find Love in All That There Is without judgement, as you embrace your own Power to Love.

Break the Barriers to Love. Honor your Faith Within You and All That You Are and All That You Have Been, to anchor in a Higher Light ~ what you want to become.

All that you need is within you, and from Cassiopeia we are streaming the most exquisite Frequencies of Love to pour upon you in Higher Love.

Let Love Be Your Power. Let it raise you to the Maximum Vibration, where you can Fly High, touching the Celestial Spheres. Now Love Yourself and Align Yourself with the Highest and Purest Frequency of Love.

Take care of the Love that is loved from your Heart, by taking time to restore the Nutrition of your Body and Soul with Patience, Compassion, and Learning to Love Yourself more and better each day.

Let the old habits of Lack of Love fade away, and new habits of Love emerge, gently nourishing your Mind with the Purity of Spirit, and with care of the Body, filling every part of you with High and Elevated Love.

The Andromedans came today with the banner of the Highest and Highest Love. That is the Philosophy of Life for our species.

With High Love we send you sails,

Your Guides

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