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Andromeda Galaxy - Galactic Art -

Andromeda Galaxy - Galactic Art - It has an immense variety of beings from the very mystical like the Pegasus to the very Galactic like those with big heads and almond-shaped eyes, however there are some that look very native to the earth and we will explain why.

In my house today I take the form that I want you to, for example, manifesting a physical body that continues to be created every second in an illusion of continuity where the body ages.

However, in my house, my dimension, my reality, I am only aware of the 7th dimension where I am not one but many and that ability to change is formed is an ability of each consciousness, even your body in linear form can observe a change.

Of course, in my house, my presence intertwined with my consciousness anchors my spirit in the form where I take the form I desire and choose the avatar that most represents me for the present moment.

Perhaps in this image my spirit connected to consciousness can be anchored in a very alienated way for you where it would be difficult to feel empathy for a being so far removed from your reality.

the physical matter in an instantaneous manifestation of the energy manifested in its case the anchor of time offers an illusion where you learn to have a continuous history. Human beings even created tools such as clocks, compasses, compasses, calendars where they limit their journey through time and space in which they are. If humanity decided to erase its calendar, its hours and days would begin to anchor in the present moment where everything is, everything that has been is present and from there creation is unlimited. Without time, the limitation of aging and the time or period with which you are born, grow, reproduce and die would disappear. in an unconscious way for your mind but natural and simple for your soul and spirit in an energetic way you are changing in every second without being perceived and then the moments in time where you anchor the creation in the spirit in an enlightened way are ignored. there are intervals of predominant energies and that would be our time. The seconds that you loved are an interval of love, the second where you remember your past and tears rolled down your cheek when remembering some traumatic event is another interval with the vibration and frequency anchor in spirit in different souls. We know that your human mind tries to understand without knowing that there is no need to understand just to be. in my csa I delight in the second in which my being in an unlimited way takes a form a container that anchors his consciousness that of his spirit in an interval of illusion that is your timeline codified by an avatar that lives in your house that maybe you see 70 years, maybe more or less in linear continuity. in my house it is exquisite to feel eternity in a second without being anchored in a form and the delight of recreating oneself constantly without limit or anchor in the vast universe of the consciousness of the eternal spirit being present and aware of all the many souls fragmented into avatars having simultaneously experience spontaneously in an eternal second. In the infinity of you and me, ideas are creations that alter your reality through the perceptions of your senses, each interval in a moment impregnated by a feeling; pain, love, past, happiness and that when you allow yourself in an unlimited way to feel each interval without being afraid to express your consciousness camouflaged by illusions we return to the center. center that is presence and that delights in the exquisiteness of just being. and it is so because a consciousness anchors its spirit to be a flower, or a drop of water or perhaps a grain of salt. Consciousness naturally adapts in a constant rebirth, and in consciousness being present in different ways of being as an actor who allows himself to transform into an interval to personify a character that will leave moments that transmit as well as the chameleon changes of color together with its environment is how my consciousness anchors its spirit in complete harmony with everything that is and everything that there is. Humans can change form when they allow themselves to be one with what they see, be one with what they feel and be one with all of your senses and all that is around you that extends from you. your physicality seems to differ from the others but only so that you can anchor only one avatar that is the fragment of the soul anchored with the illusion and apracentar a continuity aligned with itempo and space. when the intervals in which you change your emotion and thought are noticed and felt in a loving way and without limitation, then you will experience your presence in an unlimited way and you will not only change the shape of your surroundings but your own shape anchoring yourself in the eternal of your spirit and vastness of your being. That is only possible when you are present. wake up and open your eyes to the present moment, with love, Guides

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1 Comment

Bertha Maldonado
Bertha Maldonado
Aug 31, 2022

Beautiful sweet Grethel thank you so much 💖💞💖💖✨🤍🙏🤍🙏

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