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Angelic Drawing if the Light

My drawing of the light - Azalea Angelic Guide Goddess Alignment Greetings and blessings!!! Dear one,

As we came as one, in the form of many and in your first and best interest, know our collective vibrates in source light and in the frequency of love. As you relax into your breath now for the next 3 months, you will be encouraged to integrate soul fragments and level up in a new way. We know the energy lately is supporting a powerful shift. Relax into your breath, let us explain on one hand, there's a wonderful opening for release, fulfillment and letting go of old baggage or heaviness in preparation for the next phase or stage of your life, purpose and mission in life. As your chakras aligned with your Goddess essence know on the other hand there's an opportunity to align to your higher potential! What could alignment to your personal well-being and happiness an effect on your life? Be present and elevate yourself to bring an alignment Remember that when you recommit to your personal path of spiritual growth... When you choose to honor yourself being patient and constantly care for and nurture yourself so you can raise your vibration and fill yourself up with LOVE... Breath the light codes and feeling the light within awakening and the love with your heart, it is exactly what empowers you to be able to make a difference in the world and in the lives of your love ones. Prioritizing taking care of yourself first is not selfish at all. Actually, it's required for you to have the energy, clarity, and vitality needed to accomplish the absoluteness of what you as a soul are really here for. You have to fill yourself up with love before you can Goddess So, trust the inner guidance you're receiving about what you most need to allow greater love in your Soul now. Now consiouly, ask yourself, what steps can you now take to move forward with a new sense of lightness, ease, and grace? What if your way may be releasing and letting go of something, shifting something up, or just shifting your perspective. Remember that you are so loved, this is a wave of shift, know you will be guided and supported with each and every step you take...the plan is going to be given. It's just up to you to stay present and centered to tune into that higher self energy of divine guidance and LOVE! With love, light and bright blessings, YOUR GUIDES

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