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Annunaki - GALACTIC ART - Spirit Dtarseed Digital Drawings - Recalibrate the Origin.

Annunaki - GALACTIC ART - Spirit Dtarseed Digital Drawings - Recalibrate the Origin.

This Spiritual Guide guides us thru a reality where Earth begins an era preparing itself in its greatest evolution to ascend and illuminate in many lines of parallel lives. Where Earth as the beings of the stars create an agreement to grow together at a collective level.

This Guide represents a semi~God for our ancestors where he and his family are stellar engineers and build new bridges between different dimensions, finding similarities and deciphering the execution of a new program within the matrix towards an accelerated evolution.

We can say that these beings of Light that came as fallen angels and mixed with humans, created and genetically perfected them more than 500,000 years ago in the Middle East and Africa.

Although these Annunaki came from distant Stars they were associated with Cygnus where upon coming to Earth they took on a humanoid form somewhat taller than normal height and with more prominent heads. Some vary in skin color from bluish that turned into brown and gold that turned into olive skin.

We can say that when the Americas were discovered by the old world, Franciscan priests migrated to the new land "the Americas" to teach about religion and many more trades, creating a fusion between the two cultures, something like that happened.

Religions were created. Social rules and division among themselves in the form of government created multiple parallel variants of extinction and realignment, where Earth entered apocalypse many times and restarted again.

Many of those stories were erased because Gaia's energy had a very low frequency and when in this line of life the Earth passed the point of extinction, she decided to remove that information and give a reset to Earth.

These genetic masters for a time reigned in different cultures and ended up mixing with humanity where the phrase comes from (he is blue blooded) and some returned to the Stars.

These beings as engineers builted energy networks through Earth in which the magnetism of Gaia could flow and updated every so often to be able to raise its frequency on the way to its ascension.

In return, they created a variety of energy centers that they knew would be portals through which the Stars could be transported and used according to their morals and values.

Many races took advantage of these portals, including some of their own, and for their transcendence it was for those who remained to ascend together with Gaia.

There are timelines where they connect with Nibiru, Maldek, Mars and the Orion imperialism.

Annu who was the patriarch of this tribe was called the "Angel Lord", a form of God as well as in other cultures Buddha, Christ are representations of God in an avatar form that interacts with humanity.

In this lifeline this Spiritual Guide aligns as Lemuria's founder and a type of elder who governed this very organic and balanced continent. In Lemuria there where Temples of Light and Crystal above as below the surface of the Earth, who created new ley lines for Gaia to hold a higher Light.

The celebration of the equinoxes, solstices, eclipses and lunar phases comes from this time when rituals were made to download photonic energy and update the Earth and accelerate the ascension process.

The present Guide is a specialist in cleaning life lines and karma, as well as downloading information from Source through DNA and during this drawing remind us to review the point of origin and recreate the new one.

With LOVE, your Guide Team

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