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Antares Starseed Drawing


Activation of the Soul Gifts

Antares Starseed connection with Orion, Pleiades, Sirius and pink Ray angelic harmony

Connection with the akash from Source and the Cave of Christos where Rose is In The drawing is the library of the Soul.

Greetings and blessings,

Beloved one, I am Rose and antarians we are here today to assist you on the activation and embodiment of your divine gifts and to announce energy will emerge as ascended.

While gazing upon these light codes image, it will assist in rebalancing the emotional body, equilibrium on the mental body and healing the physical body to hold a higher frequency.

Being gifted will be the new you, the enhancement of your divinity and powerful soul wisdom returning to point zero and neutralize stagnant energy back to point zero taking ownership of who you really are, your own ascended master.

Allow you to embody the truth of who you are and activate your higher light, own your crown and reorganize you in a very purposeful manner to take advantage of your gifts, to flourish the self, will bloom hold a luminescent light heavenly flow with the divinel

Truly glow, with the codes within; be kind, be patient and find the edge to your own brilliance with living life fully aligned with what you love.

Free the self, own your crown is the liberation of the false self-holding presence and shifting of the old paradigms and having a higher self embodiment.

Simply flow from the moment to the next....

Allow this reset to take place as you go deeper into being a higher perspective through which you perceive life different, allow and respect the divine flow of the universe as transitions are being made.

Be gentle with yourself with authenticity, setting healthy boundaries and self-love

This activation also comes with a higher chakras activation and crown alignment to your sovereign self, always stand by your no matter what happens in the world outside of you.

Acceptance and grace in the present moment!!!

Transformation inside out!!!

Your strenth, of love, trust, faith, and grace creates a very active crown chakra to bring tingling sensations as a shower of source light to embody your new glow.

Uprising a new empowered frequency of the radiant soul to bring energetic coherence facilitating a positive enhance of communication with your Soul and higher self.

Sending higher love and light blessings Rose and Antares Collective

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YY -
YY -
Jun 13, 2021

Love it - i have antares heritage too❤⚘🙏

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