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✨Archangel Uriel ~ Light Language Art ✨

✨Archangel Uriel Drawing ~ Light Language Art ✨

Archangel Uriel comes today to remind us of the power of ruby ​​gold light to feel safe at all times. Through his legions of angels Dear one, true inner peace is found within you. The state of peace comes when you decide to be peace instead of seeking it. Also the much desired peace comes when you are able to live and fully express yourself as the powerful inner being that has been repressed for too long. When you take a second to invite light and peace to embrace you and seed it in an illuminated way within, you connect with the creator and allow yourself to express your inner total peace. Happiness is Peace! Happiness is more than smiling or decorating the day with rainbows…

Happy peacefulness it is having the strength to Trust when everything seems to go against you and having the faith that you are always doing the best you can and increasing your peace, but this peace translates into happiness. It is super important to be honest and not decorate the words with sugar and chocolates when they are not sincere but to be aware that perhaps you are in the process of the dawn shining inviting the cloudy skies to disappear from your day. Feeling good is only a decision to participate in behaviors with love, deserving patience and compassion. Happiness is choosing to be in activities of self-love, affection, self-healing and Conscious love. That for me is happiness and allowing yourself to know peace when you are willing to flow and show what it is to build the life that I want to have in an Abundantly peaceful and loving way. So be happy, peace to you and all that is and highest good. This code of light is to imagine yourself with a Meditation will help you to infuse your heart with happy peaceful blessings Let peace be strong in the heart When you resonate fully with the light of your soul, with your higher self, your true self and therefore your true power...that is peace. With love Archangel Uriel

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