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Arcturian Alien Race - Starbeing 6 Dimensional being of light Galactic Art ~ storytelling

Updated: May 13, 2022

Arcturian Alien Race - Starbeing 6 Dimensional being of light - The Form of your energy, the imprint of your spirit and the essence of your Being. Drawing Arcturian channel msg finish drawing This guide tells us how the Universe is organized in relation to what would be collective and how the Divine order of Being is maintained. These Races are not anchored in time, they are anchored in the Spirit and the soul that chooses an illusion, mission and purpose, so names are not used at that level, but the vibration and frequency establish your Energy brand. The Energy Brand is like a seal that defines you just like the smell of perfume, the taste of food, the spirit has an energy signature. That energy signature is a vibration (idea) intertwined with a motion that is expressed in a language of light causing a sound magically intertwined with the authenticity of being in the expression of the imprint of the Spirit.

That imprint creates a pattern with significant energy from each experience, which merges with the evolution of your group forming a map that is shown as a pyramid. Varieties of essence called authenticities that seek to differentiate themselves from the whole in order to learn their singularity and that singularity is assigned an ego or personality with an illusion that anchors the spirit in a trajectory. Each authenticity is similar but in a different spectrum and each idea of the soul creates a filling of light in the container that holds the spirit. Within that container is the vehicle to anchor the spirit, in reality, the Arcturians are timeless and in a collective that seeks its authenticity in a group that stands out in singularity in its case for being Doctors and very good, the better I would say. Its authenticity is its name and its dimension is more like a feeling than it sounds, its language is more hung on sound than ours. It is like when certain activities emanate a sound because that way you flow more like when you sigh, sneeze, laugh or yawn. What do you say when you laugh? That hahaha only represents the joy of the heart and the desire to express it in the most crazy and unusual ways that feed the soul and elevate the spirit. So his language is a feeling that sounds as if his body of light were an instrument and it is like the song that is not translated into human notes but into a feeling. a feeling like home and is anchored in a house that is partially remembered but felt in the heart. That's how your heart is, it's your home wherever your spirit vibrates, human, galactic, angel or part of the whole. The heart vibrates in the human body with a beat that gives life, driving the blood to provide nutrients to the being and collect what no longer serves and is transmuted into the power of the heart. Likewise, each thought or idea is filtered in the emotion of the heart, becoming angels that elevate the spirit, gently anchoring it, and nourishing the soul or demons that mistreat each other when feeling that they are separated from love and filtered as errors of evolution. In the search to anchor the spirit in the loving soul in its authenticity of being, each error in the process of discovering that divine imprint of everything that has been, is and will be is part of the cause and effect of the expansion of being. Because the being seeks to recreate itself in new and different ways, exploring the spirit and anchoring it in souls intertwined with illusion to explore all the infinite interior of it. In this case, the illusion of the Soul is as if it has yet to travel the path where it completes itself with the whole of everything that it is, when in reality everything that is implodes to the singularity of the only one. Every single one is just a note, is the magical symphony of the sonata of the being that is all that he is, all that he sees, all that he knows and has ever known. Each fragment of the soul anchors the spirit through its essence and singularity and that seal is the imprint that is imprinted on the being at the level of heaven, sharing an adventure destined to participate in finding their passion in the authentic essence and the idea of aligning with it. All in all the supreme creator who corrects himself by renewing himself by inviting the new to transform the old into the imprint of being, returning to Love to anchor the spirit. The spirit is like the divinity that is not quantifiable like the air that cannot be seen. It does not want decor that does not exist. That is how the universe operates because it does not stop due to apparent errors in the illusion. Well, that apparent error is the cause and the effect of the evolution of new beginnings and new opportunities forming a story that left its mark on the hearts that form the map of the spirit anchored in its divinity back to love. Patterns awakening the authenticity of the spiritual being that is galactic and maybe one day he feels that he sees with his almond-shaped galactic eyes. waking up in the morning with the caresses of the sun on your human skin beating with the magic heart and anchored in the spirit always looking to love like the angel that rises to paradise returning to Love. with love Arturians.

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