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Arcturian Twin Flame Art

Multidimensional Twin flames ~ Galactic Art

Love does not have words to express it in the way the heart does. Over the infinite, we become so many faces, races, but somehow the heart it's always the heart.

The soul keeps having the same essence with variations of course depending on what we have decided to live on that expression.

No matter how to label we have alien or human the love when it feels vibrant and expanded in our hearts vibrates in all dimensions.

It is expressed differently, of course, the loyalty remains over the infinity...

This openness in the heart when the soul has such a bond the enjoy the camaraderie to keep incarnation together it's such a blessing.

This connection beyond the beyond are heart essence flowing through source pulsating madness with such a truthfulness I don't have words to describe it.

This is what I perch from the couple who had many faces and one heart share over the edges.

The love emanating obviously was not earthy it was more like best friends who enjoy each other connection, not defined on what you can do for me more defined on who I am when we are together.

This couple feel aligned with the authenticity of the soul and having shared this universal connection which is beyond any human limitations.

This was a darker purplish color of arcturians, they were very fit and skin and short size the eyes were glowing light.

They are very artistic and childish a mean the energy felt pure innocent, fun so light that transmit joy instantly.

The energy also felt supportive, I was seeing how the hold each other gently and very loving the type of soul everyone kinda fall in love with.

Such a heart connection it can't be described with words or terminology it's vibrates in many frequencies and dimensions beyond the beyond being ambassador for such a love that feel like exploding your heart in millions particles of radiant flickering light.

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