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Arcturus Guided My Guide Galactic Guide - Arcturus Alien Race

Arcturus Guided My Guide Galactic Guide - Arcturus Alien Race - Galactic Art Drawing - Embrace change and welcome newness

This drawing is a very special drawing that was shown to me in dreams, while rings of purple light shone spectacularly launching rockets of Light with surprisingly healing Light Codes.

This Arcturian is a tall Light being and has liquid lavender skin and materialized for this drawing. With the scenery of a starry and dreamy night, its Light was more spectacular than the contrast in a sensational way where I stayed astonished ... just observing the Light that emanated and the body of its Soul extension in human form received seeds of Light in each cell showing a projecino of the DNA that had been purified by receiving new Codes of Light.

Subsequently, I was shown a palette of Arcturian Healing Codes where the human energy emanated by our emotional body merges, restructuring the vibratory frequency to sustain a new, lighter and more fluid Light with a tendency to self-reprogram in line with change, as this wonderful alien reminds us that change is always a step toward the highest and best good.

Greetings Arcturians!!

Let us connect with the Light of his Divinity Coinciding with the zero point field of the loving Source and by looking at this image let us release any perceived limitations.

Integrate the Light Codes that help you flow with the new!

We are beings of Lavender Light from 12 to transcend to an angelic state at the Source and the invitation is for you to observe the image as a gift from our hearts to yours.

Feel ONE with the Lavender Light....

In your relaxation you create the connection with the Divine Being within you, the eternal Being, the Divine essence of your being and the Source of all Light and life within you.

Enter the vortex to manifest new alignments and at the same time remove and release the lower frequencies and rise fluidly with the Universe.

Begin to feel ONE with Love

Disconnect from your loved one and enter the vortex of the source. Feel as if you are Source, internally and externally.

When you are willing to clear and release what now no longer serves you. You can create fertile ground and space in your life for the most vibrant possibilities to line up for you.

Begin to feel ONE with the almighty.

The omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. Bring the Light that is you, which is the eternal and infinite being of Love and wisdom.

Feel one with Source Now.....

Allow yourself to flow, expand, grow and acknowledge the almighty within you. Recognize your vastness, your true essence, the angelic frequencies within you and the inner Galaxy.

Great opportunities for great transformation, change and growth are wide open.

Begin to feel one with the Universe.

Now, listen to yourself and your heart. Welcome signs. The spirit is supporting you; transmitting pure source consciousness and New Beginnings.

Stay present and centered to allow the Divine Light to reveal the highest path and possibilities for you.

Welcome to the Light!

While Light Codes are energetic points of completion... Endings are always connected to new beginnings.

Begin to feel ONE with the Light......

Center yourself as a Human Soul,Spirit and Divine being of Light.

Now, BELIEVE and reconnect to the almighty.

Wake up your Divine CREATOR!!!!

With love Acturians

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