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Arcturus Spirit Guide Drawing

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

My Guide Drawing

Arcturian Alignment

Greetings and blessings

My name is Daru my frequency is your gift

My beloved I am a collective our energy is gentle and feels as blue blissful waves that brings a gift and you gaze at the image Take few seconds to gaze into the light language Humans are under rogue changes to step into the Highest Timeline towards Higher Self Embodiment. This is a Higher Self Drawing with Arcturian Essence, very Galactic, and glowing with Phonic Codes to strengthen Higher Self Embodiment. This is what I remember from my dream with Kina Arcturian Higher Self showing up to assist with guidance. I was in the Nirvana State when suddenly I felt huge and light. I no longer was dense. I felt like I was between here and there. It is hard to explain. I saw a triangular door that was blurry, with swirling lights. Fishy smiles and almond eyes surrounded me. I grabbed a hand and stepped inside. I lost consciousness. All I remember is this feeling of “Welcome Home”. It is so hard to explain. We are there in a Parallel Universe, let’s say. It feels close and far away. Time vanished, and I felt that we met in the middle, if I can explain myself correctly. The rest happened inside my dream. There was an indigo sparkling sky, with shades of burgundy, magenta and purplish-yellow colors. I didn’t recognize the Plant Kingdom. It felt to me that it interacted with me and evolved with me. It was like our Auras were something alike. I saw myself and the Plants change color. The Ambassadors smiled at me being childish. They sat with me within Crystalline walls. It felt like being in a video game. It wasn’t physical. There was no density, just Light. This is what I remember...there was a blue, tall Arcturian, more humanoid-looking, then there were little purple ones. I also saw pearl-colored ones. I didn’t know who they were. They seemed to be from another place. Everything was shown in telepathy and Light Language. In my dream I seemed to understand perfectly. This is what I can translate from the experience ~ “Often Humans can feel uncomfortable, angry, sad, confused, depressed, in pain, or incapable of making a difference. We may feel this at this time due to the strong Energy Waves. We can step far away for Sovereignty and Serendipitous Living. “ the Arcturian explained. There is a particular Pattern whenever Humans feel “Stuck”. Such feelings of Being Stuck may be due to circumstances experienced early in this Lifetime, or during Past Lives. All of that should be gone. Humans are no longer under Karmic Conditions. They can Release All and Start Fresh if they choose to do so. New Earth Frequency will then emanate from their BEingness. Situations arise for Humans to seek to transcend their current painful or confusing Reality by floating as High Vibration, as far away from it as possible. This pulls forward What Is Gone and steps into Newness, especially around any feelings that Life is complicated, thus stopping the Inner Battles. When Humans look for answers, where do Humans go? Be in Solitude. Search within your Heart. Look into your Soul for your answers. Google your own Wisdom. Open the Book of Experience, and bring Balance back to the Equation of Life. YOU TAKE YOUR OWN LEAD! Trust your Choices... Follow your Instincts... Align with your Heart... Feel your Heart as a Compass... Listen to your Gut... BE At Peace. Go outside of the Noise of the World and travel within your own Radiance. Get clarity...BE At Peace. The Arcturian Collective

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