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Arcturus - Spirit Guide - Galactic Art

Updated: May 13, 2022

Arcturus - Spirit Guide - Galactic Art

You are perfect in the way you say this guide that reaches my ear when I connect with your collective. Then the lights flicker with my eyes closed in the middle of my dream making me feel expanded as the light grows bigger and bigger and bigger! My aura felt expanded and expanded, and I felt like I was leaning into the space of my room.

The body felt small and the room moved, half seriously the walls moved like waves in the ocean and with that, everything in my body. Then there was a tug, after that the essence of what I felt was perfect.

Inner eye amplified, strange sounds you make in my ears and a triangular door was starting to get closer and closer. I felt like looking down, like I was looking out the balcony and this Arcturians hand was on me. All space was transformed and my Spirit was anchored in another time and in another apparently intermediate state in a place with no need for anything.

It felt familiar and intense! It was an energy that I had never felt before but then I discovered that I have had a life and the questions flooded me -

Was I a man or a woman? What would be my job?

In short, a series of unanswered questions. So I began to meditate with them every day to feel their energy - and gradually healed. They became my primary care physicians. Then, I began to see the almond-shaped eyes, the purple-indigo auras, and at times I could see fish mouths smiling at me, which was comforting.

Her energy was feminine because I felt she had no gender. Later, every time I contacted them I was asleep like a baby when the almond-shaped eyes appeared. I felt a very relaxing tingling in my essence.

That Arcturian is one of a lavender/silver tone with almond eyes that look like windows to the universe and the smile is always on his face. He is very thin and wears like a type of dress. He has no hair. I have never seen him with ears or teeth.

His nose is very small and I think he is missing fingers. His skin glows like a hologram and they are really funny all the time. They laugh in a way as if his innocence and love is emanated by his galactic and angelic light.

The Arcturian shows up today with the Original blueprint of your Soul to build a strong platform to rise high. The energy feels a warming and nurturing frequency that is so highly loving!

This is what I channeled the next day from the Arcturian:

“Newa na euwww shook

Rah rah nina kie ta te” 💜

The current energy humans are moving through is intense since they're not used to the raised frequencies magnetized by the past eclipse interviewing with the moon.

So many profund new waves of increasing energies that birth newness in physicality that suddenly become unexpected changes are occurring for humans. The light tribe has been coming to assist the human consciousness in the degree we are allowed to.

The key to stabilizing these activations and harmoniously integrating these changes peacefully is to take time out from the noise of the world.

Breath the life force in...

Rest for the energy to find harmony.

Retreat yourself, go within and explore the soul deeply.

Resetting in the now...

Surround yourself to know that all energy is meant to support your journey.

The support necessary to heal and renew.

Take naps as a tool to restore your body…

Go to bed early -light workers are doing traveling and soul work during sleep time, guidance will come through dreams, pay attention to your needs and guidance.


Grounding in nature and engaging in inner peace activities.

The Light tribe is feeding you all the love, support, and nourishment your soul needs now.

Allow yourself a chance to receive the integration.

Trust that all energy is here to support you, cherish you. So be it.

With love, Arcturians

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