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Arcturus Starseed

My drawing of the light - Galactic Soul Chart~ Arturus 7th Dimention Purification of the Soul light codes. Akashic Oversoul records include: Orion Rigellian Starseed from 6th Density, Solar Being connected with RA - Sirius, Altair, Venus, Atlantean records keeper, Haleakala: Arcturian / Lemurian connection, Essassani - Time Keeper / Pleiades Alpha centaurus and Andromeda greetings and blessings. we are honored and thanked to be here with seeds of love and Vibrant light codes to purify the soul, soul that is being alive to match the pure essence. Know that interwoven through this message is a wave of transformation and inner peace and calmness. Your open heart, your clear mind, and your willingness indeed opens you to the potential that always resides within the heart of the moment A moment and peace and stillness opening up now to embrace you. To soothe your path, lead with ease and grace and emerge as light as every experience remind you that all is well. That you are loved and that indeed in every moment, and in this moment here and now. All You Are is loved! Be your highest light, deepest truth, expanded knowingness and wisdom are within you heart center yourself and learn how to view your entire life from the perspective of your soul. Your imagination is very real, and when you use it often, things in your life may shift and align. When you are able to bring your soul into your conscious life, your perception will transform, and this will assist your challenges. You are going to re-evaluate your priorities, make changes toward alignment. purification of the soul were things that may have seemed important to your personality before now you will purge them as you are embodying your soul. You will easily let go of things that don't matter when you align with the heart. As you connect with your soul, purification of the self as you will align in higher ways and have deeper insight and inner Radiance. Purify the Soul open the heart and open to the soul, for you are ready to now emerge while you accept what you do not know and accept in the knowing of all others as i release the control and surrender to what is May humantiny emerge as pure being of light

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