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Atlantean Dragons Galactic Art

My Drawing of the Light - Atlantis Dragons Step into a new Beginnings, I am Joy, my dear one and I ask you to open your heart to tune into the increased frequency, insight, and healing available to us now. I now invite the highest, best, most loving possible transmission and codes of a light to please come in, connect, and to be a channel through image now. We indicate that important life changes are occurring in your life (or are about to occur) we as your spirit team bring a message to let go of any fears or worries so that they can be healed and transmuted. We bow to the divine light in you, we honor the divine presence within you that day by day becomes more and more illuminated as you step into the light out from the shadows and is a message from your team to maintain faith, trust, and a positive attitude and perspective in regards to the life changes you are currently undergoing

Step into your new beginning, step into vibrantly and radiantly living, stepping into authentically being you, a divine and spiritual being on planet earth, ascending in the present moment and may also suggest that changes made to your career or profession will bring you greater personal fulfillment on many levels Most loving possible codes of the light, please come in, lift us in vibration, and help us to quiet our minds and open our hearts to tune in to the increased frequency Allowing your energy to merge with the angelic, divine frequency of the light so that together in this moment, we are broadcasting and integrating divine light, which is available now as it has never been. And so as you reach new heights, new heights become available to be reached. New light codes are present here and now. We are asking you to have faith that your material needs will be met by the Universe while you are on the path of discovering your true path and purpose in this life. , Brightly shining from within, and integrating the incredible light energy, available from without. With Love Joy

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