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Atlantean High Priest ~ My Drawing of the Light Lyra ~

This Soul has connections directly with Lyra. Known as the original Guardians of Ancient Knowledge, Lyran Starseeds are highly wise, evolved beings originating from creation, and the founders of Vega. Dragons of Orion, Pleiades and Sirius are in the akashic records. This Soul has the gift of healing through the Lion Heart.

It was shown that you are Lyran descendants of a bloodline Draco-Lyran war ~ an energetic was against control and power. When the war ended, your ancestors founded new civilizations, in this case Vega, Sirius, Orion and Pleiades, and later on Earth as an experiment to create unity in the Galaxy. Also, this life from Earth carries the essence of Atlantis ~ in this life as High Priestess of the Sun. That is the image that came through. This civilization is considered to be ancient. It is Galactic and is in our past, but feels as if it is our future. Caspian shows us the image of a temple made of gold, where butterflies and Spirits of the Sun used to come to stream Codes of Light for the Atlanteans to get activated. Atlanteans used to summon their Soul Families from the stars. It was like going to church on Sunday, but in this case the pyramid was designed to channel Cosmic Light, like a satellite antenna, on something made of pure gold, embedded with sapphires, creating a healing vortex. The Light Codes from the Central Sun swirled like a tornado of Light, dazzling new Light Codes in each Atlantean. For your Soul, this is the first time on the Earth plane. You can see that she looks like a humanoid cat.

You can imagine it as God walking on Earth. In that time, the Earth plane used to hold a higher frequency, and Galactics could partially walk this plane amongst Humans. This is the image of an Atlantean Temple of the Sun. The most remarkable features show how enchanting Atlantis was, thousands of years ago. This temple was half above and half below the sea. Dolphins and whales used to bless the Atlanteans and their healing ceremonies, as you can perceive from the image. Today I’m sharing a light language guided meditation Create a beautiful environment around you with the visuals of this video. Calm, serene and enhancing dopamine and endorphins. Sleep Well, Relax.

Atlantis Healing

Greeting my dear,

I am here sharing heart and light blessing you. You can call me Caspian and I am here to help you to remember who you truly are: a galactic high priest and a lightworker.

humanity has begun the ascension process in a new cycle this year and new alchemy will come for all of you and indeed you must hold onto your light tightly. As we all know, the initiation of any ascension process can be challenging.

Choose to bring more light and walk with the footsteps from a god walking earth.

Channel Pure Solar connection, wherein you drop all the limitation, and allow and direct all energy to serve the manifestations of your heart

my goddess it is tough for the physical body to assimilate these powerful Ascension frequencies, allow your body to regenerate by itself choose to slow yourself when it needs it.

As you anchor the light of the beating sun you have in your chest as heart when you find your state of grace that LIGHT comes into the cells and energy pathways of the body it activates energy discordancy, sometimes known as ‘shadow, to be clear and released.

When humans are grounded their body technology finds balance to be a receiver for more cosmic light with ease and grace and This has to happen before you can integrate the more powerful energy frequencies that are coming designed to re-create you as human God.

Bring light and choose to allow all energy to Serve in the Creation of Your Soul to shine brightly as a powerful sun.

embrace our true nature as creation, and we embrace what it truly means to stand in our Love and lineage.

With love and blessings Caspian

May you reclaim your Eternal knowledege which as been yours even before this Universe was created, from this Lyran code and guided meditation transmission

Remember your light is powerful when Sometimes it feels like everything is falling on you,in reality everything is being use by you to build a better you.

Your Lyran self today wants to remind you that

You are Loved

You are Protected

You Are Divine

You are Celestial

Lyra Healing Light language Meditation

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