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Atlantis high Priestess Galactic Drawing

My Drawing of the Light - Atlantis Golden Light

This is a Soul that comes from a soul-group of Peacemakers and are experts at being tactful and diplomatic in their relationships and in groups (the 12D Lyra-Arcturus Star Families). Another very strong influence comes from Alcyone / M45 in Pleiades and this one is highly connected with the Atlantis - Neptune - Serpent people timeline and the dragon collective as descendants of the Lyran families who seed Pleiades as their forefathers. 

Another Mediator aspect comes from Orion Nebula (Mintaka, Anilem) as a Diplomatic and Peacemaker in times of strong suppression in the constellation of Orion. This Soul chart also shows alignment to a solar system in Cassiopeia, from where ET Races of Insectoid / Aquatic DNA can be found. The last aspect shown was from Vega, a very tall humanoid, a bit insectoid and reptile benevolent form, which represents the powerful mind.

In this timeline, Gold was highly prized and it was believed that gold in its liquid form when ingested or used  in Light Codes, (the language of God and the Galaxy) and tools raise its frequency.  Ir was used in a slightly exaggerated manner.

This Gold represented  Source in the physical and some devices encoded with Sacred Geometry and Light Codes used only by the High Priests and Diplomats who directed Atlantis in that timeline.

The Serpent People were so called because they were direct descendants of the Gods, galactic beings who came to earth at the beginning of Humanity and helped the development of the thinking human. The Snake People were taller than the norm, their foreheads and heads were larger than normal. Some had cat eyes, the skin tended to be golden, pearly or bluish in its darkest hue.

The Serpent People were magicians, sorcerers, alchemists who worked in different areas of the Atlantean tribe but all had the same characteristics, their super advanced intelligence awakened the spiritual gifts of Light in which they handled telepathy, telekinesis, mutation, teleportation, bi-location, prophecy. , and many more for which the people respected them and frequently turned to them for guidance.

As you can see in the image her hair glows gold and sun light pours through her divine presence as a luminary 

The Serpent People spoke the Language of Light and were in constant connection with beings of Light from other dimensions where they functioned as visionaries by traveling in time in old astrals and anchoring galactic wisdom.

These beings channeled 3 types of beings; the Christians, Galactics and Ethereals, where they connected with beings from the kingdoms of Gaia, Elementals, Spirits and reconnected from within by exploring the outside world.

Atlantis with the Light of the GOLD of your Divine Heart invites you today to journey through The Gateway of Transformation of your infinite Soul continues now with the energies of the "Ring of Gold" in the dream of life itself.

The Gold of your Soul shines which creates a profound opening in which we can reflect, heal, and transmute lower frequency patterns into habits and patterns that will serve in the transformation.

Let the Gold of your Soul shine the savidury of the pure and Ascended Being

Codes of Golden Light of your Soul that fuses with the Love of the Golden God in you and elevates the eternal hope of the pure and original being that infuses your subtle bodies and opens within your Heart chakra, a gateway of LIGHT.

Let the Gold of your pure being shine through the Gateway of Light to experience the Love transmission encoded in the image.

With holy and sacred Love we bless you, Atlanteans

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