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Atlantis Highpriestess Drawing

All of you together in unity, the 22 priestess would morph and transform the alchemy of water and use it; use it as a conduit to bring cosmic light for different purposes mainly exploring time though being very committed to your vessel and emanating light through a personal inner work and also would be a collective inner work, working the the moonlight and chronos as a deity that you could summon.

Each of you would not only speak the language of the gods but also channel wisdom for the community in times where Atlantis was the land of the God in a very optimum way.

As a psychic, one of your specialties is tuning into people's pre-birth agreements. So, back in the time you've done a lot of studying life throughout time. I can sense that you've learned that in between incarnations, you are with a Soul Family working toward the same goals and intentions. There is no clash of wills or divisiveness in your soul group, only cooperation.

Here on earth, you are co-creating an ongoing connection, also learning the power of co-creating with the Divine.

Today, you are being divinely guided to bring love and compassion to all the parts of yourself. Since love is the strongest energy in the Universe, it can transform all connections.

Take some time every day to love and remember every day to bring love into your heart, and remember how special you are.

With love, Atlantean Guides

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