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Twin flame Soul from Sirius


Dearest beloved of mine, we are BlueSky and Bluelight. We come from the star system of Sirius.

Your heart center is the key, and it is the door to LOVE.

We want to spark and activate the romantic energy in your hearts so that humans can connect.

Love others, love you, in the most enchanting magical romance that activates your passionate life.

The Twin Flames are here to express the highest form and frequency of love, connection, and unity possible on earth in human experience.

Humans have soul families. Many of them are twins, and those connections tend to be the sweetest and most enjoyable for humans—a catalyst for growth and development in many ways.

Those soulmates seem to activate a new frequency in physicality, rather than just a soulmate. These encounters connect beyond the inhibitory connection, as the energy of eternity flows by making multi-dimensional comments and beyond the compression of many of you.

This leads us to the healing of the being, raising its vibration and opening itself to its maximum expression in love.

When the divine counterparts connect as divine lovers, the soul explodes in sacred love. The energy that flows between both aspects is connected, and with an immaculate conception, it fuses in love, and dancing with the passion returns to the zero points the field of the source.

The center of your heart is the key to connecting with love and the higher realms of the Spirit in immaculate conception.

Experiencing the power of infinity, their chakras and energy points align in their sacred union flowing in love.

Deeply creative restorative within the immaculate conception, there is an integration of God. The sacred within the divine feminine becomes the entrance door of the existence of God. So that the divine masculine expands in love when feeling the femininity that complements it. It takes it to its original state, connecting to this flow of the sweetest elixir of love.

And entering into the fullness, grace, and beauty of All That You Are! As you connect with your loved one.

The divine feminine will heal your inner masculine energies with love. In contrast, the divine masculine heals your inner feminine by protecting you, sustaining your creation, and this mechanics is not about physical gender. It is about the mechanics of energy by feeling predominantly masculine and swaying with the feminine.

Growing together at the same rate as the masculine supports his feminine to flourish with holiness to activate the divine self and the ability to create this magic with her as one.

These divine energies emerging from the sacred womb are restored by becoming powerful healers on a multi-dimensional level and heal as you ascend to benefit both.

When humans find their passion and channel it into reconciled action, they can open their hearts, mix with other souls, and create a safe space to mix and reach—the most pleasant, full, and rich association in the physical and beyond.

Immaculate conception takes place when the divine masculine will stay away from its true divine feminine counterpart. At the same time, it is still cleaning up old data and is unable to anchor itself in this deep divine level of sexual intimacy and sacred union.

Ask your heart what your feelings are really trying to tell you. Remember the seeds of love, plants, take care of them, and feed them with confidence, faith, openness, honesty, and unconditional love.

When they're ready, the two will unite from the higher realms as they share multi-dimensional heaven, down through their divine alchemy of immaculate conception.

There are many lower energies and unbalanced desires that first need transmutation for the divine masculine to meet the divine feminine in this sacred space of sacred healing.

The mission is the connection, in harmony, in love, and experience is to anchor in divine love through the sacred act of making love in honor of their sexual union and immaculate divine union.

Love blessings

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