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Atlantis Light Codes

✨Atlantis healing light language Temples & Meditation ✨

The image reflects the temple of the Sun where Atlanteans would summon their galactic families for guidance and healing. The temple was made or gold and sapphire and could channel heighten the cosmic light in their rituals. This Atlanteans were a tribe that we can describe as amphibious they could breath water or air and change form as well.

When Atlantis falls this tribe choose to move to the ocean and they cannot be seen with physical eyes they only in the ethereal form.

They are now the guardians of the earth and part of the spirits of the Ocean and live among dolphins and whales.As humans, we can connect through meditation and light language with this high priest and request healing or guidance from the wisdom of our Soul

Today I’m sharing a light language guided meditation Create a beautiful environment around you with the visuals of this video. Calm, serene and enhancing dopamine and endorphins. Sleep Well, Relax.

Atlantis Healing

With love and blessings, Grethel

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