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Atlantis light codes & Message

Atlantean message for today

Atlantean message for today

Dear brothers,

We come with honor and love in our hearts through these Atlantean codes to assist in your ascension. This energy is fluid and invites us to adapt between cosmic energy, the plasma of the future that blocks crystalline vortices through our awakening. The Ascension is already! It begins with the deconstruction of the 3D vortex of the past anchored in fear and by healing ourselves energetically we are allowing the download of the new crystalline codes encoded with high love.

This energy is changeable, and invites us to surrender to life, it goes beyond eliminating expectations of what the future may bring. Forget what the memory files predict can happen and be tenacious to believe that there are infinite possibilities to decorate those possibilities to be.

This code with the message was a download from the Atlanteans that remind us of the art of flowing in the present is recognizing the past, just like the background that saw us grow as we imprinted our being, but without letting ourselves be limited by what was.

This code prints its cosmic resonance with Atlantean codes that when meditating will harmonize you with the vortex of the fifth dimension.

With high love, Atlanteans.

Atlantis 9th dimensional I Light Language Guided Meditation | Powerful Activation

You can find it on my YouTube channel @encodedfrequency

@Shed a light

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