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Atlantis raises light

✨Atlantis Healing ✨🌟

Self-sabotage is a huge one. I sabotage my when I feel unworthy, when I judge what I am and do.

I am is beautiful my imperfections are my authenticity my gift

Perception is precious and when we perceive all Is well with trust and confidence within we become unstoppable and unbroken

Accepting all parts of me makes me feel whole

Even when I feel upset, sad, alone those perceptions are parts of the soul that are starving for light that’s all

And a little bit of those are the greatest push we need to embrace a new light

Understanding life and have ups and downs so what life doesn’t have to be perfect it just was to be the best life you could ever had

The best ride ever including ups and downs

You are here to experience challenges without repeating same cycles over and over that is self sabotage

I can be my greatest best friend when I shift my reality into more positive meaningful things

Stop worrying much and trust yourself ways flowing as waves on the ocean

Let this rest now and send it on its way.

It holds you back, is not needed, and now is the time to heal. 🌟

Many blessings beloveds

Don’t forget to hit the 🛎

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