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Unicorn Starseeds how you can recognize if you are one

Unicorn Blueprint Light code that represents the soul connection with Pegasus and to activate the magic within.

Unicorn starseeds are beyond creative, sensitive and they feel often drawn to mystery, mysticism and exploration the supernatural world.

On the Akash I found they are half angelic and half elemental. From the same family of the dragons and the negative counterpart could be associated with draconian beings.

In this case those have lost their wings and their mission is it to work on destruction. While the benevolent will repair any distortion through:

🦄 Love

🦄 Kindness

🦄 Compassion

You can recognize a unicorn soul in its charisma, spark and joyful soul.

May this be thoughtful, Grethel

🌀 Order yours and explore your soul in the infinite of your being. 🌀➰〰️➿♾️

🌝 * For guidance and healing make your appointment at

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