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Atlantis spiritual guide drawing

My Guide Drawing Atlantis

Light Codes of Newness

I am Neomai, an aspect of you from the spiritual realm that represents part of your soul wisdom and I came as part of your oversoul representing many in form of love.

We will ask you to breathe the light codes of this image to download the new light codes of awakening the newness

Receive this gift from your Soul and Divine Spirit that is especially powerful due to the big changes and shake-ups within the physical reality you've all been going through.

Give yourself permission to go back in perspective of whatever is happening in or around you ...

This new energy represents easy access to healing, light, and frequency from the higher realms of spirit!

And take advantage of that enlightened and expanded vision and perspective that is Divine, that is Love, and that is the point of view of your highest Divine Inner Being.

Synchronicities that appear both externally and within ... time to cleanse and release worries, toxic patterns, fears, old programs and emotions linked to the past ...

A door you can walk through to travel on wings of love through the inner planes to gain access to healing, higher consciousness, and expanded states of consciousness.

Remembering that there is a deep pulse of Love, Light and Wisdom from Source Now!

It is the release of the old energy as everything that is not in harmonic resonance with the higher Divine timeline is beginning to fade

Pulling, pushing and pointing at all of us in one way or another ...

To return "home" to the awareness of the presence of Truth within you.

Know that as you voluntarily release the old, release the pain, and step into the unknown opening before you, you empower yourself to sync and realign with your highest possible timeline!

Love and light my beloved from Neomai, keep the light glowing

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