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Balance the Divine Masculine & Femenine

Encoded Frequency twin flame drawing

balancing the divine masculine and feminine greeting and blessings we are honor to be here in a circle of love and light and we are here to bring a gift of alchemy within your own divine masculine and feminine that will be a mirror in your beloved partner lovers are a mirror for each other When the Twin Flames unite in a true Sacred Sexual Union, the fusion of energies is a powerful magnetic generator of Divine Alchemy. When we use this energy consciously we can achieve a state of Divine Union with the Self, with another, and finally with God A healthy Divine Feminine energy offers us compassion, wisdom, patience, flexibility, fertility, and caring.

Female intuition is one of the most powerful tools to guide us and we all have it. It communicates through our bodies, emotions, and thoughts. His nature is to love you, guide you, honor you, and nurture you.

What would it be like to afford this? Where can you be most loving, honored, and most nurtured?

This energy is part of creativity, enjoyment, play, and loves to be in nature, gives birth to ideas, business, art, books, systems.

By ignoring this energy we feel discomfort and it is easier to lose self-respect, the capacity for discernment and the ability to love oneself. A healthy Divine Masculine energy is fearless, courageous and loyal. He is our guardian and protector. When he is in balance, he does not harm anyone or anything.

His gentle force brings us harmony and peace where there is conflict and separation. He knows his power, but he doesn't abuse it or misuse it.

Has he used his power (his words, actions, money or resources) in ways that unite or create division, that create or destroy?

This energy is leading and fearless, to tell the truth, even if others disagree. He is not afraid of the unknown, he likes to explore and venture into new territories.

He believes and trusts yourself and you should know that you will succeed if your intention is clear and your actions aligned. A sick Divine Masculine energy rots, suffocates, is afraid of failing, or uses his power to control others. When these energies work in harmony, the sacred union of the Divine Feminine and Masculine heals and can create anything.

The synergy created by this balance catalyzes the forces of creation into manifestation. As we begin to move from the superficial perspective of our monetary reality to a more spiritual reality, we will no longer be limited in our roles to using energy in extreme ways, but will use both energies in a balance to connect with our spiritual reality. plus. high, where everything flows and there is peace. Through the depth of being present, we balance the swirl of Divine Masculine and Feminine energies and reach Sacred Union and Illumination with Self and God. As the twin flames mirror each other, they use their emotions as a guide to help each other in how the self corresponds to what the soul wishes to attract. The frequency of Love is a powerful amplifier and you know that you are within a receptive frequency to attract even more Love. the twin flame connection activates the sexual energy within the chemistry of the divine masculine being attracted to the divine feminine and sensation is one of the most powerful sensations that a human being can experience in this container that brings us closer to our true Source when the heart is anchored into the light. Love that continues to expand THE SOUL It is about using all the senses, both physically and spiritually, as a path of Ascension towards Enlightenment by focusing on the mind and then finally letting go of the mind to reach a state of internal Unity and Love when connecting in sacred Union. allow the love to guide you powerfully into your on a love journey may your life constantly bathe in love Twin flame COUNCIL

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