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Blue Ray - alien race - galactic art

Blue Ray - alien race - galactic art

This soul chart is very connected to sirius blue ray, lyra, venus and pleiades.

When your soul sparkled from source it was decided to embrace the blue ray as the pure source essence and it wanted to represent the intelligence of god, the valenty, the expression of courage to be the light and to operate integrating as a teacher and student of the light.

it was decided to born in the star system of sirius A as an Blue humanoid feline within the lyran regin at the beginning of the sirius colonization where lyran where superois and the leader for the transition into the kinda independence of sirius A. There were times of turmoil and deep transformation where the blue felines felt trying to fit in separation form source and trying to adjust to the collective base frequency of their planet.

We can say your family is very united and coordinated into a harmonic connection with the soul family container your father was the leader and very respected b y the pack.

The Image represents a time portal where this soul in that timeline channel light codes from Source to create patterns of Creation.

In the timeline the Soul study, observe the code of the light and in a group of wisdom keepers they record their studies in crystalline codex to be stored in the central sun.

Those records are part of the time grid kinda like the akashic records of the Universe.

this is their message

Cosmic Awakening Warm greetings and waves of Light to honor this connection. We are assembled here as many galactic beings who represent an aspect of you from another time and space. Understand this is a vibrational message as a circle of Light from the great Central galactic flashes Source Light, warming your crown chakra and opening it wide in order for you to be able to integrate this loving message. You may feel a deep grounding and amplification of your lower chakras since we believe those chakras are a strong foundation for harmonic resonance. We welcome you as many, assembled in an intense energy field, bringing you into a circle of Galactic alignment and the realm of pure creation. This will assist you all to be in a higher vibrational field of Cosmic Light complements of your Sirius family. As we mentioned, these Light Codes bring a Cosmic energy vibration field and we welcome you within to awaken to and remember your Cosmic heritage. This will activate the Cosmic aspect of the Sirians, interwoven with your guides and master teachers within and will expand your energy field for the 3 months as you take time to integrate this message. With an open heart, receive a new presence that embraces the Cosmic being in YOU. We, your Cosmic Family, wish to remind all of you Beloved Ones who have chosen to take an Earth vessel during this transformation, that we wish to remind you that you are not alone. We came not many but as one COSMIC Guide representing the members of your Cosmic Family, such as the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Antarians, as well as other Cosmic Families that are also assisting light Workers at this time within your innate Multidimensional being you are able to communicate and commune with all the myriad of being including humans, animals, plants and galactics as a creator of all being being God itself and as god emerge as nothingness it desire to see yourself through unique expressions. Encoded within these light codes it is the remembrance of the true uncover of who you truly are as your own Cosmic self awakens alchemizing fragments of the soul. Your Cosmic self can perceive, feel, remember, know the real you that you have been in your many incarnations, in your many lives, and in the many different places, planets and Starships that you have experienced in your many incarnations. As we begin to explain who we are , we nkwo that out of this process you are drawn to a part of you that is Cosmic in nature... We are shamans of the soul, healers in nature that work on light geometry patterns and sonic energetic tools that restore patterns and awaken the cosmic essence within. As this transmission is coming to the end we want you to know we are always around we only come on the degree you allow the soul connection to be a match in the light and love. It is our command that your soul vibrates in the highest light allowing love and peace to lead. Sirius Collective

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