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Blue ray Angel

My guide Drawing - Blue Ray Angel

Light codes for the Radiance of the soul

Greetings my beloved,

This connection is a doorway for a higher path and the uncovering of the radiance of your soul and you are true potential

I wish to take you on a journey of love as an energetic tool, every time you interact with the image, it will strengthen your true radiance

Stand on the truth of who you are

Your radiance and glow are mesmerizing celebrating your humanity and your multidimensionality.

Your soul is bathed in a new glow coming from the hand of your team making a vortex of flicking light codes that beaming light as you humbled surrender to your journey.

With the energies and the light codes of the equinox now in full bloom and into the energies of expansive growth, grounding, change, and forgiveness.

I am here to help you to find your true essence so you can navigate your light beyond what is heard and understood from a deep place of gratitude and love, wherein you are finding a new space of freedom and creation, to explore within ourselves new dimensions and galaxies.

Let's embrace your true heritage!

I was not shown the planet itself in not very familiar since I do not have incarnations there in my soul adventures.

But i could perceive very high frequency, very angelic soft feminine in nature very attuned to crystal and elemental energies like a plant, fairies, and animals.

Your soul extension works with crystals, they are healers, as you can see on the image i created for you.

Your spirit guides including your soul.fragments who seems to have a direct connection with an archangel in energies

opening up to very new universal light tones, which are expanding your universe.

Trust, my beloved, the next step for you is to stabilize your understanding of the universe and just how vast it truly is in new ways that you will have a really fun time exploring and integration of your soul

We love you my beloved

Many blessings of light, Marco

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