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Celebrate yourself! Women’s day!

Today we celebrate a very important day thr remember us we are all equall. I'm sharing a

True Story, And Celebrating Women’s Day!!!

As I remember growing up my grandmother she used to say it was easier to be a man than a woman.

Well, Being born in the 1920's I bet that justified her thinking. However, at the Soul level we are genderless and even in higher dimensions all Souls we have a predominantly energy.

Beyond the Gender, we all have a Divine feminine that is a loving ingredient for Creation.

Besides, the perception of equality and fairness we have an ability to interact with each other from the soul level and the best parts of us, including all aspects of the self.

Are there differences between genders? Yes a lot but within we are all the same...We are here to explore contrast and all in reality is inside and from there when inside all feel in balance therefore the world outside will do that too.

Circumstances and events will come and go, the question is where are you? Where am I? And regardless of it, how do we line up? To me Meditation allows me to find ease when I worry and relax in the moment that all is well.

May the Magdalene codes and meditation I am sharing today be helpful.

Today....take a few moments of your time and You just have to travel inside your meditation and unwrap those gifts of the spirit. So be it.

Mary Magdalene’s symbol is the Divine Feminine so having sweetnesses , using light soothing tenderness will draw her close to you.

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Shed a light

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Shed a light!

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