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Celebrating Divine Mother

This is a drawing to celebrate Motherhood as angels, healers, magician, goddess, queens and warriors of the love. Let's celebrate our goddess today! Let's celebrate the Divine Mother within, we all are, the one goal with hugs and kisses. Beyond that it is the perfect opportunity to remember the divine mother within all of us. To go back to nurturing, loving, genuinely and gentleness of Love. This days often are doorways of healing emotions as grieving, loneliness, inner child wounds, let them be if you feel them...naturally they will find harmony. This day it is also a reminder to practice self love, being g carrying with ourselves, kind, patient and know all is well. For the ones that celebrate with the family treasure those moments pampering each other creating ripples of love and happiness in memories are going to last the eternity in our souls. Let the heart be open and lovingly lead us into harmony specially now that we are living such unique experience understanding our intuition, in a smoothly way. Beyond any celebration it's an honor to be a woman and carry the divine feminine and beautiful creation within us Let's thanked that and honored each other blooming within love, carrying the aroma of peace, and glowing nurturing frequencies from Divine Mother today and every day All my love Grethel 🌸

On Thu 7 Apr 2022 at 8:29 Encoded Frecuency <> wrote: Noted. Any other special instructions for the drawing? I remember them Blessings Grethel On Thu 7 Apr 2022 at 8:28 MandyLee <> wrote: Hi Grethel, She is one of our light codes team members, She want you to help her and her daughter to drawing the "conneting light code",like the last time you draw for me and Durov. How about the price? Also,she like our drawing codes looks like the earth people, not looks like the extra-terrestrial. Let's do those codes and call up more and more mother to help their child to draw their light codes. for the kid is a vert special gif for their life.

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