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Clearing your karma

Code Clearing Karma Light Language | cleanse your shadow | release trauma & pain

Being aware, what is really meditating doing your Soul Work?

It is to put a recording on youtube that will guide me to be in a trance where I travel with beings from the stars or maybe talk with angels or mystical beings.

For me, meditating is being present where I am, whether I'm doing the dishes or driving or doing light language to relax before bed.

At every moment, I have the ability to be aware of where I am, reflect on where I have been without judging myself but being present with my wounds from love.

Being present is taking responsibility for not only my energy, my thoughts, my emotions and from my love to understand how I rectify something that does not feel good to make the change to where it feels good from love.

The work of the soul when one decides to align with the spiritual awakening is to explore the soul from within without bringing light from the darkness but from the light to make room for the darkness through the loving presence each thought.

Each emotion invites us to each moment to do the shift in the present moment where everything in my life changes for the better because I transform from the present love.

Everything in my life unfolds as the greatest light in any moment as a creator and why because I change my mind into a miraculous self, so filled with love that life will evolve miraculously and that is living in the blessing of the light.

Be your great self blessing!

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