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Creator of the Uncreated ~ Higher self Drawing

Creator of the Uncreated ~ Higher self Drawing ~ Conscious Creator I am the form of you that is an avatar of god himself learning to be led. Creating roles profoundly, Ingrid echoes in an illusion that you have forgotten that you are the creator of the uncreated. Every illusion is a creation, a child of Light seeking darkness to reflect the brilliance of your star beams. When you forget that you are the creator of what you live, you lose yourself in the created, through limited with in an invisible box that limits your ability as a creator God. Your angels and your demons too. Your own creations and in many creations you feel strangely aligned because the illusion is new in the circle of creation In your reality, the balance invites you to new creations limited in time and space with collective creations basically launched in an infinite second. Elevate and expand the mind going from singular to total and from limited to abundance as we in everything that is seen in the one and the one represents the whole. Balance is not being in the middle or being neutral, it is necessarily the moment in which our thinking aligns in the Perfect flow of constant change and infinite transformation. What happens to a thought when it teases our mind? Well, energetically it becomes a creation, a vibration that flows in motion creating a sense of frequency that becomes life. I call the movement of consciousness, the frequency of the soul that follows a path and that direction is a pattern of being. Perhaps described as an idea and that idea in energy magick is shown as a symbol in the language of Light.

That symbol is how a son of the Light who meets other sons of the light created by gods. I am an engineer of the Creator consciousness as a writer of novels, we inspire personalities, places and situations in the vast eternal evolution of Creation My now and your now become one when you anchor your spirit in your presence Your presence is the magic that dispels the illusion as well as the artist that personifies the multidimensional path of the soul on its way to heaven.

House Son of Light chooses its film, its characters and its destiny and destiny simultaneously, and codified with the free will of the multiplicity of being. You are an infinite being that has an illusion within a very excited illusion remembering the true value of being that is only Being. With love, Guides

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