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Crystal Skulls Atlantis Era

Storytelling Galactic Art ~ Atlantis Era

Today we talk a little bit about the Atlantis era and the 13 original crystal skulls. These Atlantean skulls are currently supporting humans very actively in the ascension process.

In this timeline there were 4 tribes, the Nordic ones representing Knowledge, and 3 others representing futuristic advancements, the element of Air, and the North area. They were born from Human mothers and Galactic Fathers, all on a higher frequency of the 4th dimension and their descendants were called the Original ones.

The Ones would mutate in an upgraded version of a human vessel with half carbon bodies and half diamond lights so they were semi-physical.

The Nordic Atlanteans called Arios were above all seeking perfection, the archetype of science and development.

The Golden Race Atlanteans had olive bronze skin with colored eyes and were a very ancient Greek type, where the Obed were in charge of social structure, council of Elders, laws, and regulations, and acted as Diplomats.

They were mediators of the 4 tribes and were in connection with Galactic races. Many of them were hybrids and were also called the Royal Ones. They represented a semi-God leadership archetype, aligned with water and were from the south part of Atlantis.

The Blue tribe Atlanteans were the common ones.

They were all about love, community, peace, art, magic, organic living and alchemy in connection with Gaia, the element of earth, and were also from the south of Atlantis. The Blue ones were also hybrids and mutated with gifts aligned with higher frequencies.

We now have these high frequencies on earth to activate the crystalline holographic structure of the skulls making it possible for us to receive the information and energies stored in them.

The Blue ones had workshops on the crystalline skulls, magic wands, language of the Light, astrology, channeling, healing, and many more tools. This Blue race was a minority and they understood that Atlantis was part of the consciousness of Gaia, just as we are part of the larger field of consciousness of Ascension.

Atlanteans were creators of many tools for us humans, hiding them like a Time Capsule for future generations to find when the time is right. Humanity will not only find proof that Atlantis existed but in these times will be able to tap into the hidden ancient knowledge and will be able to use by being in alignment with the perfection of Love.

The 4th race were the Red ones aligned with fire.

They were fierce warriors, adventurous, and defined bravery in their travels around the globe. They were pirate-like, conquering weaker tribes through control and often through atrocities. This last tribe followed no one and were in constant movement, sailing and seeking the excitement of the unknown.

At one point the 4 tribes lost their way, each seeing themselves as better than any of the other tribes.

They constantly fought, many of them being influenced by galactic agendas, and this created massive chaos in the heart of Gaia, ending with the apocalypse that many will compare to great flood of Noah’s time. Flooding, fires, earthquakes, hail storms all happening at the same time announced the end of times.

Atlanteans during this time prepared to keep safe all the knowledge worth saving and it will reappear again after we have learned not to misuse it as happened in Atlantis. So it will be possible to find the skulls physically if they want to be found. The master skulls are keepers of the Atlantean wisdom.

The 13 skulls lie in the Bermuda Triangle in the center of lost Atlantis, kept hidden by Guardians of the Gemstones until heaven decides it’s time to reveal them. The skulls were created in the way they were for a reason; the crystalline shape of the skulls has special meaning as it make it easier for humans to channel wisdom.

Legend says that Magic will happen when you connect with them, repatterning your neurological networks and allowing your DNA to stream a higher transmission of vibration.

The crystalline skulls are also portals to activate your third eye and crown chakra to enable prophecy and revelation, and seeing beyond the illusion. Always use your own discernment and trust your intuition.

With Love, Guides

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1 Comment

Bertha Maldonado
Bertha Maldonado
Jul 04, 2022

Wooow that's amazing information so good to know so appreciate it that means they had their Acoustic Record's as well 🤍🤍💞🌸🤍💕💖💛💖💕💛💕💕💛✨💗💗🙏🙏❤️❤️🌸 for them to remember 💗💛💗💗💗✨✨🤍💕💕🤍💖💗💕✨

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