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Dragon drawing

Dragon Self Drawing - Thanvia

Greetings from the Dragon Collective!

We are honored and pleased to share Light with you as you relax with us while consciously breathing I am Thanvia and I am angelic because i do work with the purple ray legions of angels and I am a guardian of the light

You may feel the Light in your energy field expand while you read these words as you are receiving the highest healing and download of faith, peace, and grace available at this time.

While you observe the image and being assisted by your guides, Source Light bursts through bringing alignment and a shimmering flow to your heart center. Take a deep breath and ask help from your guides and they will help to rectify the energy in your light and physical bodies.

This is a message from your Dragon Self – you are to focus upon your spiritual path and look to find practices and interests that resonate with your soul's calling. As you make relevant changes in your life to serve your life purpose you will manifest an ample supply to take care of your material wants and needs.

You are actually moving into a new state where you communicate fluidly with the Higher Self. We who have assembled here as one and the transmission given you in this reading provide an activation to assist your soul purpose and for you to be able to experience your radiant Light being mirrored in different ways

Today Pegasus brings healing and radiance to your soul through this message and the Light Codes relate to the area of money and hobbies. Your persistence in trying to activate your soul purpose will very soon bring long awaited results in the form of your soul team who comes to support you in your physical reality.

Pegasus comes with light codes as a peaceful form of higher technology to work with you in your present reality. This is a valuable practice - clear any resistance held in the field of your physical body.

Take a breath and take note of anything that may be discordant or resistant in your present moment without attachment to whatever it is and then take another breath with the intention to clear that energy.

Practice this while sitting in the present moment, be centered in your space, and connect with your Higher Self. The message is that you are to find a balance between spirituality and your daily life and to be able to find leisure and restful times...

Pegasus and Higher Self indicate that you may have to put in some hard work and effort towards surrendering to what is to be your journey in this life venture. We announce a very important life change coming for you which will be of long term benefit to you and your loved ones.

We are honored and pleased to provide a gift for your Soul all my love Thanvia

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