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Dragon drawings

My Drawing of the Light ~ Dalinda Raise up into Love and Light Codes. I am Dalinda and I speak on behalf of your guide. We are all blended into one stream of healing light. My Darling, we greet you with honor and gratitude as we are you, we are part of your consciousness, as we illuminate Love and Light upon you. Today, we wish to tell you to rise up from the ashes and rubble of the old paradigm that is falling… and shift into Love. Into the newness, into the flow of Light. Into the New Earth energy… that is a constant stream of Love. Into collectively manifesting the highest possible future for ALL humanity, to thrive as you seek your own Luminescence, to be a shimmering column of brightness seeking the Light of humanity to be one strong stream from the human race to evolve into Love and Light. Being in LOVE doesn't mean avoiding the challenges… It means Remembering. Remembering that you are much more than just your physical body… you are shining Light and pure Love that expands eternal as the god within. Shift means when you feel your body tightening. You shift into breath as you sense how you feel, as you ask the Light to expand and flow, so instead of creating blockages, you open up with responsibility for ways the Light, [that is always willing to interact] to be part of it. As you act from your own Divine Light, you lift your frequency. You empower the raise of Love. Pure Love…and raise up. What empowers the shift… raises the Light. And drop into your open heart… Into peace and presence…and raise up. Operate in pure synchronism so you increase your Light in the moment. Be present within your Light, cherish the moments where you have stillness and allow yourself to disengage from your old triggers and go back to raise up. When you are aligned and being your true self, you manifest in the perfect timing, raising the Light up.... Be your own sentinel my dear, we love you Dalinda

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