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Dragon Emerald lion-Heart Light Codes

My drawing of the light

Jade the Dragon Shapeshifter


I am Jade, a dragon and an elemental lion spirit who has the capacity to shapeshifter and I am her to share how our life is.

In my world we live between dimensions and in between we begin connecting to the crystal, animal and plant kingdom in a wave of light network..

The connection is done by sounds of light and the heartbeat of the higher heart.

We work with the Sasquatch ,, using our souls will to collaborate together to adventure our light.

We have mentors, the elders of earth and many galactics that - using codes of light is the way to connect to parallel reality and source Higher Guidance

You can do the same and making contact with parallel self or counterpart who come to lead you and share soul wisdom

When you find stillness you can hear the channel of Gaia guiding you softly

When you hear the voice of the sentient Gaia her crystalline healing light we as Dragons and elementals Help us to share knowledge

We all share heart between all parallel dimensions and in the light we can experience and higher guidance with our counterparts as they will able to do with you

Find that channel within...and let it speak to you openly

The voices of the soul in you through the channel of the sentient Gaia will be your loyal companion.

You are help in the light by all of your family my beloved

When the channel is open my dear The thoughts are yours , but blended with the higher mind.

Learn to perceive just from different channels you can perceive in our training. We master the energy field within and around, and so can you .

When you are in your heart my dear, the channel opens. The voice of the mind is amplifying your natural capacity like a quantum boost and ready to access multiple dimensions of information simultaneously.

That is our gift for you....see you in your dreams , With love Jade

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