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Dragon fire Drawing

My Guide Dragon Drawing Greetings of light from our hearts to yours Travel through an Activation through the image in a circle of light where I am the portal to the Opening and Integration of all your Starseed Energies, through the 7 Anchor Points of the Soul Star of this Galaxy, while we enter and meet The Self in Broader Forms of Creative Power, Gnost, Peace and Love. feel the light and codes that nurture your divine being. Receive, my dear, the energies of Lemuria, Atlantis and our Akashic kingdoms, as we create new spaces within and open ourselves to EACH OF THE SEVEN SOUL STARS of this Space, crossing the Dimensions of Love and Source. breathe the codes of light blessing and integrating an enormous amount of Forgiveness, Joy and Love so deeply that we activate a completely new Energy in you and physically manifest ourselves in a new space. This is a journey within you that explores "the journey to being" as a personal space for each one of us, looking at where you may have given our Power, and calling our Total Being to Being, with Light Language activations, allowing a Personal and Deep Alignment dear angel of light. you are loved feel it and vibrate it get hooked on the outsiders and come back to you Welcome to the creation of new information pathways through your meridians where new neural networks and new ley lines are created both within our physical body and in our energetic being in divine love, my angel. This drawing is an integration of all that you are, through time, healing any wounds left from past, present or future lives, uniting and healing any fractures in energy. Feel yourself creating a new space and definition of balance within your field, so that you can allow our Being to manifest and retain the Light that you are in a Complete, Unified and Loving Space of Expression. Dive deep into the energies of being honored by the Universe. sit as you go through the Star Particle Energy of your Whole Being, allowing you to Embrace its Light, rather than Refract, Reflect, or not being able to Fully Connect. A journey of deep cleansing with Activations of the Language of Light and Energies of Creation, this journey has to do with the New Space, the New Creation and the New Earth, right here, right now, being born through the charge of our I Presence. I AM, free from any limitation and drag, imprints or templates of density or duality and so be it for the greater good. feel deeply loved

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