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Dragon light language

Dragon of the Fire

Dragon energy light codes 💜

Andromeda, Mermaid magic, Sirius, Cetus ( dolphins and whales), Pegasus, Nordic Titans, and the Giants, Gaia, Dragons of the Underworld, Connection with Atlantis, Neptune and Zeus as well I see connections to Orion/Rigel, New Earth 5D Earth/Ascended Earth/Tara/Diamond Lightbody if you look at the image she is a representative of the divine feminine connected with Divine Mother

As I shared space with this majestic mysterious dragon the energy emanating was pulsating me to live fearlessly.

As I saw the enchanting wings and this dragon flying around in the infinite night the energy of patience comes to fulfilling my own destiny.

I’d rather be loathed. I said to myself while I enjoyed the company of the night I also felt so grateful for being who I am then loved for who I am not.

Meeting these dragons has been quite an amazing experience as every dream with them felt like an exciting adventure.

The voice of the Dragon of the fire was music to my ears, very masculine and strong and the pacing of his electrical energy felt like reaching the allowness that came to me during our meeting.

He stunnily said " Divine creation, a piece of God. How can you be undeserving? After a long silence where I find myself in the present moment, heart beating and feeling the excitement as a little girl.

Remember my child humans are essentially nature slightly perfect and faultless. It is to this nature the journey began to return home.

The glowing night connected you to an unlimited source of abundance during dream state magic glittering your beingness.

The night announced my child in the present moment, the right circumstances and the right people are already here and will show up on time.

Be open and willing to attract all your heart desires, beginning here and now.

I think only about what I can do right now it's enjoy the enchanting glorious night..

I feel his Dragon heart open as a doorway for magical experiences and passionately about life, and this passion fills me in the night with excitement and energy.

Live in the moment! My child said, one day at the end I felt so grateful for all my life experiences. All of them.

These dragons of fire came from the constellation of Orion, as dragons of creation they have many types and assisted Gaia in the beginning of time. The dragons of fire are phoenix; they are also associated with the qualities of energy, assertiveness, and passion. They are symbols of It represents illumination and enlightenment, and renewal. The Holy Spirit is also a fire! God does not ONLY use a dove to show us about the Holy Spirit,Fire... T The fascinating dance of light language on this image ,full of charm and mystery, gave rise to many legends and myths directly connected with the emergence of the elementals On fire that represent purification of the Soul.

I am sharing a light language guided meditation that will help you to Be guided to a beautiful and peaceful sleep, listening to baby dragon light language as you listen to the fall of rain and visualize the magnificence of the light infusing gentleness

Compassion and care is all you need to give yourself here. Witness your breath.

Go with it.

Many blessings Grethel

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