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Dragon spirit Guide

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

My Spiritual Guide ~ Dragon Aspect

Sacred Geometric Synchronicity Light Language Codes The beautiful orange sky. Being in the moment and feeling inspired is what she radiates. While connected with her, she made me feel loved, cherished and nurtured. Everything was underwater and it was quite hot. In my dream, Kai was the name she has chosen. She was glorious, glowing, stunning. I was forcefully mesmerized by how elegant she was swaying...I would say in slow motion...I barely noticed. These beings seemed to be amphibious. Let’s say, some could morph and be on earth. Dragony appears today as a sign that many divinely timed events, meetings, and fated soul-lessons are appearing in your life now. Keep your heart open, blessed one. They telepathically communicate with me. The sounds are enchanting whale sounds that emit a certain frequency that feels so nurturing. They look extremely attractive, almost angelic. It’s perfection in my eyes. Your soul family is guiding your progress closely and feel proud. Acknowledge your life is ripe with revelation, closer connection, deeper understanding, and flawless empowerment to co-create your soul’s highest purpose in physicality. Stay love 🧡🧡🧡

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