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Earth Angel Galactic Art

The Spark of your Soul

Earth Angel Galactic Art

You began in Earth as Angel of Earth, as all things, it started as a thought of Source from the Galaxy. The essence is from the Constellation of Orion ( where you learned to bring Light from a dark place, to transform yourself, to be resilient and a beacon of Light).

In Orion you had many lives from dark and light, but in the most important you where a teacher, it was a happy life, one where you felt recognized and found a strong source of Light. Other lives where in Arcturus ( midwife) , Vega ( shaman) , Pleiades ( futuristic expert on technology) , Mantis ( guide from future earth) , Lyra ( feline warriors), and Blue Avian ( spiritual guide).

The drawing aspect is from a spirit of Gaia, a counsel at the begining of Earth to design the reality in which you would work.

This being if half angel, half elemental and feels very fairy elf alike. Your job was to listen to the inquiries of the elemental kingdoms to find solutions for their requests.

This aspect can partially materialize through synchronicity such as sequencing numbers, find lost objects, magical patterns, miracles to be known to you.

This aspect is neither born or die is just a separate entity from your human form and is a reflection from your Higher Self on Earth.

We can say is the manager of your earthly lives , contracts, challenges and higher guidance.

This aspect wants you to understand what you are in a deeper way knowing you are LIGHT, a projection of Source. An idea that created a motion and therefore a vibration, that vibration created sound as a side effect of the different point of view of the same idea.

Each Soul frame is its own reality in a sense, no awareness in it unless is fragmented and therefore when the idea moves through the different frames you get the ilusion of growth.

In the beginning, a thought of Source sent out a ray of what we call Light. The Light begin to develop a color, a personality as a being of Light in your physical being is felt as LOVE.

Different expressions of Love begin to commingle as peace, calm, joy... and therefore the absence of Love and Light was organized as the shadow of the self. When the fragmented Soul couldn’t tune into an expression of Love it developed a distortion in its motion.

You feel it as the emotion of Love, so therefore it is possible for us to say that Love is the basic energy of Light.

When the idea of Source reality in continuity we understand the self deeper anchors where created such as Time, race, gender, and history. Those anchors where the key point for Source to take detours and explore the Self in the spectrum between Light and the absence of it.

When the Self neutralizes both it matches the zero point field what we describe as Source field, the begining of Creation.

The field is magnetized to attract creation. What if you thought it would be nice to have some fun with God that was another way of looking at that same creation? Now imagine this creation from many awareness points that create patterns of you,... different versions of you.

You can experience as if you have a journey of manifestations where you become part of your own history.

Then you have multiple authentic versions of you. Each with their own set of Guides and Higher Self.

As a being of Light coming from different angles to meet as ONE. Similar Higher Selves, Guides, and Souls perceived in different loops to understand what you have been, what you are and what you can be.

This provides the illusion of a multidimensional being. You know it in your existence as a hologram.

Multiple beams of Light intersecting at one point create the illusion of natural multi-dimensional being. That is all that is essential, for all of life is zero more than an illusion.

Earth started up as a hologram of Light, as did the Universe.

This was the beginning and from that point a Universe was created around it, encompassing a big spark to set it into motion.

With LOVE your Guides

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