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Egyptian Goddess Drawing Maat

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

My Drawing of the Light - MAAT Egyptian Goddess
Light Codes to Active the Divine Truth
Greetings and blessings,

I am MAAT THE VOICE OF THE THE Divine Truth and I am honored and thanked to be here with seeds of Love and Vibrant Light Codes to purify the Soul,... Soul that is being alive to match the pure essence.

Know that interwoven through this message is a wave Light to help you to expand your potential and really get in alignment with your Soul purpose and the highest possibilities for your life.
Be loving, nurturing, and caring yourself as you love, nurture and care for others as everything around you.

It is the greatest intention for your Higher Self to bring you closer to your greatest expansion and growth... we are your Team of Guides and come forth as an alignment for your  Divine Feminine that is nurturing, a gentleness smooth ride and soothing Love with compassion, and grace.

The Divine Truth is the Universal Source of life force energy, purity, wholeness, and infinite channel of creativity and joy.

You are the I Am,... you have direct access to this...  the Universal  Divine Source of primordial energy of Love, peace, and Serenity within your Heart tune in….

The Divine Truth that holds the space for the Divine Masculine to create a sacred temple and to be held as ONE in the Divine Plan.

Simple hold the breath tune into your Heart and BE THIS DIVINE Truth within... ut emanates a glowing aroma of sweetness and soothing Light tenderness of all that you really are.

Be fully aware of who is the scent of the Mother, the Light of the Sun, the sound of the river,  the Love of the Heart.

May humanity emerge as a pure being of Love,  allowing new blessings of Higher Consciousness to flow through to reach you...  

Many blessing MAAT

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