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Elders of Lemuria Drawings

My drawing of light ~ Elders of Lemuria Light codes of the tall hearts of Divine healing light Greetings and blessings my beloved Dear loved ones,

I am Celeste and aspect of your OverSoul comes to function as your higher self since I’d the closest and highest vibration now we will speak as one.

Celeste represents celestial and remains you that you comes fly


Now remember my dear You are more powerful when you connect your energy to the new light and harmonize with mother earth and the entire galaxy.

Through our connection, we are your guides speaking as one.

I would like to remind you of the importance, that is, to keep your heart open, flowing in the light and where you can take breaks to check how you feel in moments of anxiety and insecurity so in those moments, it is crucial, to return to your body and focus on your heart divine. The mind only needs to align with the heart to stop being in a state of anxiety breathing the love, compassion, and divine and welcoming the calm of your celestial heart. The importance of staying incarnated when we start to feel anxiety or a sense of panic and how to do it.

The teaching that you can place the fearful mind in the cradle of mercy Uncertainty is in and of itself a normal mental / emotional response to stress and dangerous or unknown situations. Anxiety is a sense of alertness, unease, and stress that is a result of your mind and body being placed "on guard" so that you're ready to be able to quickly protect yourself from danger. Access the wisdom inherent in emotions The practice of finding peace, and how we can use this practice where we learn to be in the healing heart, to develop our empathy and send relief to others who are hurting. The essence of courage is to be leaders of healing love. How common it is for people to be hostile to themselves and the importance of cultivating "unconditional friendship" and "making friends with even those parts of ourselves that we want to reject". A practice that you can use on the spot when you start to feel uncomfortable so that you can receive into your experience what feels difficult or unwanted As we perceive humans are raising in vibration and tuning into the higher light of spirit, understand that the earth is ascending along collectively. The way we see, the earth's vibration is now shifting pushing humans to shift and now that the earth is moving so quickly, often humans can feel confusion, uncertainty, or anxiety. We suggest to you: remember to connect with your healing heart and anchoring it to Earth is a powerful ally for supporting you on your ascension journey, in returning to balance, and tuning into healing. According to our perception one of the best ways to balance your energy, clear your mind, refresh your spirit, and renew your light, to get outside in nature and tune into the healing light of the earth. With love, light, and gratitude,


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