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Elemental - Spiritual guide - The joy, peace, and compassion in the Simplicity of Love is Elemental

Elemental - Spiritual guide - The joy, peace, and compassion in the Simplicity of Love is Elemental for Ascension When these beings were created long before humanity, they took us back to the basics of the frequency of love. I describe the temples in the center of the Earth as liquid magic from the universe of Mother Gaia and Father Sun. In this transmission, we are invited to vibrate the foundations of the Spirit anchored in the infinite being, regardless of the apparent form. The Spirit penetrates every part of you regardless of whether you are physical with a biological container or were created with an element that is primarily functioning by creating pillar of stability where the spirit of each soul fragment is anchored to the heart of Gaia, our Mother. The Spirit comes from the Father Sun in this story because he provides the Source of light that comes directly from the center of the universe connected to the point where God himself, who is Father and Mother, extends and expresses through each one of us. The life force with a motion of creative intention reverberates in the frequency of the universe, time and space, anchoring the soul as a fragment of the Father and Mother, creator of all that is in an illusion. In this illusion, this being comes from the drops of water that are poured into the ocean to anchor and to have a masterful experience of evolution in an elemental collective that serves humanity in many aspects - and the main one is to be a source of life. This being has Galactic ancestral parents who sent water in meteors to put out the fervent fire of Father Sun who spit flames of fire burning in volcanoes and seas of lava in his youth. Mother Earth asked the Angels of the Council of Light for advice, and the Angel of the Lords, fervent Father of Christed Consciousness, invoked the galaxies and their nations to ask for celestial intervention to guide the Father and harmonize with the Mother so that she would grow equally strong in love. And from love - life was born. Love is the foundation that anchors the Spirit in the dimension and time in which you are the primordial element and that which helped Father Sun and Mother Earth to have harmony. And then water was born like him, feel of the Earth. The water was heated by the Sun, the steam, and the clouds. The sky became magic and the Father created the air that would be the invisible force that would travel light with nutrient ingredients so that life would emerge abundantly. Water, as a complement to the Earth, grew rivers, lagoons, and oceans, that were populated with life as well as the sacred womb of the Earth that life biology mute to Earth and air and the Father takes care of them all from heaven because everything is their children. Each element in this plane of the Sons of the Father Sun and Mother Gaia became so born; the kingdoms of air, fire, water and earth. And, each one created their own kingdoms with the magnetic alchemy of the north, south, east, and west who formed a network of magnetic light that embraces the planet. A new member of the family joined this magical kingdom and that was the moon sister. From distant kingdoms in the cosmos - with fragments of a twin brother of the Earth who lost his way and crashed losing his life- the stellar and angelic beings put a star created in an intelligent and artificial way as the Mother of the seasons who would watch over the night, while the Father watched over the other lake in the world. On very special occasions, they cross their paths evenly with other stars and comets, and sometimes they have fought. But they always return to harmonize and work together for the planet. The moon is more of a friend to Mother Gaia than of Father Sun, and our kingdom is guided by water. Not only that of the oceans and what’s contained in the sky, but also that of each of the biological children who are more water than flesh. And so we all have a job and we connect to the information base that travels from the center of the Earth through magnetic lines, creating connection networks of old above -and below- in an invisible way but with a very powerful feeling. They have a kingdom that we call the ‘crystal network’ and it encompasses the Earth in its entirety so that each child of Mother Earth and Father Sun has access to that wisdom and uses it fundamentally by anchoring the Spirit in love.

Like the water fairy, I flow with feeling and sustain life with nourishment that comes from love as my foundation, my pure and true essence, and live in you, in everything that is and surrounds you. I am part of you and part of the life that supports you in you life and so I honor you, bless, and embrace you in the bonds of love, and so be it. With love you guide them.

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