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Energy forecast for Tuesday, July 18

The energy is potentiated with the change of the nodules of the Taurus - Scorpio alchemy to the Aries - Libra frequency.

It is important to regenerate ourselves and give ourselves some time to reflect on where your inner change invites us to walk. By approaching Leo's energy it will help us roar from the heart.

Whether you are opposed to Saturn or to Pluto, it is good to learn from internal weaknesses and see how things can come out of the unconscious. So that you realize the ability you have to exert your influence to focus on your own path. Being the king/queen of your kingdom.

Today we invite you to use this code and the suggested meditation so that you shine as a source for your highest and greatest good and so be it.

12-12 Light Language I 12-12 Meditation & Activation Recharging From Source

Shed a light

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