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Energy forecast Wednesday July 19

Today The Universe Wants you to Learn to change your perspective and change the way you live life. This energy is very transformative. Allow yourself to flow in your transformation by having experiences in life.

Drop what does not benefit you, leave the anchors in the past and you have to stop suffering with the past. That past is no longer you. You are what you vibrate now.

Keep it easy...

Irrational, heavy, stormy emotions are like living in the storm. However, calm clear emotions will help us to be the action and not the reaction. especially when Aries and Libra ask us to cut with the past and welcome the new.

Today we invite you to use this code and the suggested meditation so that you shine as a source for your highest and greatest good and so be it.

12-12 Light Language I 12-12 Meditation & Activation Recharging From Source

Shed a light , Grethel


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