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Energy Update

✨Themes for the Month Abril ~ This Month it’s all about Renewing our Light ✨

❤️Let’s works with smaller ways and then is like Magic that start permeating the hard ways

❤️So there were Great fascinating themes that came through in the April Energy Update!

Some highlights are:

~ tune in to the Higher Heart ~ try to relax your stomach and your body and breath and as you do ask your Higher heart to be active and open is time to lead with a courageous loving powerful souls.

~ Time yo introduce a practice that gives you a foundation for your light yo be a doorway for yourself and others, make a list about what is working our for you and reorganize to innovate new ways to be anchored as sentient beings

• April will be a power Month the BRIGHTEST AND LIGHTEST month energetically that we have seen so far in 2021 time to be openly manifesting our higher light, choose to be in the glow.

• Choose to peacefully observe the chaos in the collective and ground yourself constantly finding balance to assist your integration of the new Plasmic energies will be FAST and OPPORTUNITIES will show up in faster ways.

• BE CREATIVE ! Being creative is a new way of HEALING and how creating anything is actually setting us on a healing path being the light in action toward new earth.

❤️Follow your Gut feeling and behind to let go the old stories and as you do begin to tell a new story the storytelling of a sentient being of light

❤️Allow yourself to be infuse with peace and tranquility

❤️And I have a meditation recommendation for you today to support you in doing just that!

Warm and loving huge Grethel 💜

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All my love 🤍


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