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Fae Drawing ✨

My Drawing of the Light ~ DandelionReconnection of the Soul I AM Dandelion, and I do have an Earth Angel essence ~ very earthy and elemental in nature. I AM a Fae creature a Free Spirit that can not BE held by rules of limitations. I do represent Abundance, Joyful Living and Playfulness, as my Fairy side expresses Joyful Energy in all of me. I come to remind you to act on your excitement, to let go of what you insist you have to do, and start doing what is meant for you to do. Therefore, the Purpose of Yourself is to Discover More of Yourself. I come as One in the form of many, and In your first and best interest. Know that our Collective vibrates in Source Light and in the Frequency of Love. As you relax by inhaling your Emerald Green Breath, we open your Chakras in this Circle of Light. Know how your body tingles, and relax in the Field of Light, finding a New Resonance to redesign your Soul Map in a New Currency of the Light. We want to explain today the difference between the Soul, the Higher Self, and the Oversoul perspective. There are three vantage points where Humans can use Technology to evolve within this plane, and they are meant to work in concert. The Soul as a perspective is a Linear Form, to perceive and experience as a Human. You were created to BE a Singular BEing in order to enhance the Collective Experience. Your Soul is a Vehicle for a unique experience here on the planet. Your personality and desires are to BE genuinely serving Gaia, by BEing You. Associated with the Carbon DNA as a Physical Experience, however, it’s interwoven with your DNA that is Crystalline, and connected to your Soul Contracts and Life Purpose. Your Higher Self is a Collective perspective or vantage point to the Earth, because you were here in many forms: as Human, Hybrid, and Multi-Galactic form. Nonetheless, the Soul has the perspective from many Linear Timelines, as Human in singularity, in many different expressions. The Higher Self has knowledge of this entire expression as One. It is your Soul Map that can BE drawn to any aspect of you, the Manager of your Contracts, and has the overview of All That You Have Been and Will BE. The Oversoul has a more Collective point of view. It operates as a Connection for Humanity, the Galactic and Angelic Akash, helping Humans to bring qualities and aspects from other dimensions, as part of your Chakra System and activating Cosmic Gateways. Humans at the Quantum Level operate this Technology at different levels. When a Human has these three Levels of Self working in concert, they can be located, do telepathy, astral travel, and bring New Gifts with our Density and Resistance. As we complete the Transmission, a Wave of Love and Light will help you to understand and integrate your Soul at a deeper level. Love, Light and Blessings ~ Dandelion

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12 трав. 2021 р.

I love this and awhile ago was told one of my spirit guides is called Dandy in Dandelion. Lately multiple posts have shown up about the health benefits of everything frpm flower to leaves to wine and salads of this so called weed. That yellow is one of my fav colours and your Fae image looks alit my pleiadian guide Arielle who has green eyes. Much love Angel Grethel 😇 ⚘❤🇨🇦

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